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This repo contains vehicle location data provided by Capital Metro. The data describing the routes, schedules etc is described by a standard format called GTFS. You can find the GTFS data describing the routes and schedules for CapMetro on their data portal.

NOTE: This project is no longer maintained sadly, and vehicle location data collection is suspended indefinitely.

Query this dataset on BigQuery!

I've loaded some of the data here from March 2015 to December 2015 onto a public dataset on Google BigQuery. Go check it out!

Available Data

The captured vehicle location data for each day is made available the next day under data/vehicle_locations. The data is available as CSV files. Do whatever you like, but please credit back here if you make something public.

How the data is collected

CapMetro publishes all of the instantaneous vehicle positions on their data portal here. I continously capture the live vehicle positions, store it in a database, and publish it the next day.

Data Format

At the moment, only vehicle positions are recorded.

Here's what their data looks like:

field description GTFS-RT reference
vehicle_id ID of the transit vehicle VehicleDescriptor
speed speed of the vehicle when position was recorded Position
longitude longitude of vehicle when position was recorded Position
latitude latitude of vehicle when position was recorded Position
route_id ID of the route the vehicle is assigned to TripDescriptor
timestamp Moment at which the vehicle's position was measured in the ISO 8601 format. ISO 8601
trip_id Refers to a trip from the GTFS feed TripDescriptor
dist_traveled DEPRECATED after 2015-09-30 The distance (in miles) traveled by the vehicle along the shape of the current trip. If the shape for the trip is not available, this will be set to -1. This metric is not provided by CapMetro, so I calculate it as best I can (see the code). N/A


Historical transit data for Austin including vehicle positions, ridership, and schedules.




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