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@scatter-dev scatter-dev released this Apr 1, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release

this is a big boy

Added a bunch of new stuff. Changed a bunch of stuff. It's cool. Whatever.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that you now need to download the entire file (not the source code) and extract it somewhere to run. It will not work otherwise, it needs those juicy dlls. Bit of a change of pace but it should be fine.

A lot of things were overhauled for v3, but most pre-v3 settings should carry over. The only thing that doesn't (I think) is periodic messages, you'll have to rewrite those. But hopefully no one had a giant list of those anyway.



  • Song requests
  • New commands - $SONGREQ, to request a song via Youtube link, and $QUEUETIME, to output the total time of the videos in queue
  • Command-specific permissions
  • Massive overhaul of configuration screen - much more user friendly
  • Add Command quick links, to add the most common, if not only, commands quickly
  • Added event responses - bot can now respond to several stream events by sending a chat message
  • Added more configuration for previously-hardcoded strings
  • Simplified periodic messages
  • Updated Update dialog to link to GitHub to download new release
  • Un-embedded dll resources - there were just too many and the exe would have been gigantic otherwise
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