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# this is all the mod perl specific stuff that makes
# slash the root handler for the site
# ... you might want to check to make sure these are not already
# defined in your main httpd.conf, if you have trouble
# $Id$
AddHandler perl-script .pl
PerlHandler Apache::Registry
# For template pages
<FilesMatch "\.tmpl">
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Slash::Apache::TemplatePages
# add in modules for compiling into each process
PerlModule Slash
PerlModule Slash::Apache
PerlModule Slash::Apache::User
PerlModule Slash::Apache::Log
PerlModule Slash::Display::Plugin
PerlModule Slash::XML::RSS
# used in a couple of .pl files
PerlModule Image::Size
# add other, or comment out, DB modules here
PerlModule Slash::DB::MySQL
#PerlModule Slash::DB::PostgreSQL
# add or comment out plugin modules
#PerlModule Slash::Journal
#PerlModule Slash::Search
#PerlModule Slash::XML::FZ
LimitRequestBody 75000
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