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Some more info to help Debian users. Please read the main INSTALL first.
Author: Bernard de Rubinat <>
The methods in INSTALL work fine for Debian, but many will prefer the
apt-get method. For each package below, you can use:
apt-get install PACKAGE
Some packages do not exist; install those using other methods.
* perl 5.6 should work fine too, in place of perl 5.005.
* Apache and mod_perl packages might not work. If not, install from
the source, as per the instructions in INSTALL.
* Some issues arose with the installation of the apache-perl
package. If you ALREADY are using the "apache" package, and have
a working system, then you should probably install the
"libapache-mod-perl" package as opposed to installing the
"apache-perl" package, as the latter is just apache staticallly
compiled with mod_perl. In most instances using the
"apache" package with "libapache-mod-perl" is sufficient.
Software Package
MySQL mysql-server
mod_perl libapache-mod-perl
perl perl-5.005-base
or perl-5.005
Apache apache
Apache+mod_perl apache-perl
Perl modules Package
DBI libdbi-perl
msql-mysql-modules libdbd-mysql-perl
ApacheDBI libapache-dbi-perl
Apache-DBILogger libapache-dbilogger-perl
libnet libnet-perl
HTML-Parser libhtml-parser-perl
XML-Parser libxml-parser-perl
MIME-Base64 libmime-base64-perl
Digest-MD5 libdigest-md5-perl
URI liburi-perl
libwww-perl libwww-perl
DateManip libdate-manip-perl
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