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These are the authors of Slash.
Rob Malda
Jonathon Pater
Patrick Galbraith
Chris Nandor
Brian Aker
Cliff Wood
Jamie McCarthy
Tim Vroom
Scott Collins
Special thanks to some of the outstanding contributors to Slash,
who have helped with various kinds of feedback, all of it invaluable.
(Our apologies if we left you out; please send Chris a message to
rectify it.)
Dave Aiello
Daniel "Yazz" Atlas
Alessio Bragadini
Atif Ghaffar
Dave Olszewski
Nathan Vonnahme
Bernard de Rubinat
Steinar H. Gunderson
Jesse Hirsh
Blake Day
Eric Dannewitz
Adam Khan
David Tseng
The Cunctator
Adam Khan
Shane Zatezalo
Alvaro del Castillo
Stephen Clouse
Dan Stahlke
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