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Some more info to help Solaris users. Please read this in conjuction with
the main INSTALL document.
(Note, as of August 2003: this file is probably pretty out of date,
but you're welcome to try it anyway.)
Author: Nigel Wetters <> from pudge's comments about
installing on Solaris x86. See COPYING for license information.
1. Install a new version of Perl.
2. Set up MySQL, Apache, mod_perl etc. Find details in the main INSTALL
and maintainers' installation documentation. You will need to install
the GNU version of 'tar' and maybe also 'make' to install MySQL.
3. Unpack slash.
4. The Makefile supplied with slash doesn't work. It won't work even if
you update to the latest GNU tools. Sorry.
cd slash-2.x.x/Slash/
perl Makefile.PL
make install
5. Make and install plugins by cd'ing into the ../plugins directory, then
looking for each subdirectory with a Makefile.PL. In each of these
subdirectories, use the usual method to install the plugin module:
perl Makefile.PL
make install
6. Hostname lookups are problematic under Solaris using `hostname -f`.
Edit the bin/install-slashsite script, replacing occurrences of
`hostname -f` with `hostname`.
7. Copy by hand the bin, httpd, plugins, sbin, sql, themes and utils
directories to your installation directory (e.g. /usr/local/slash).
8. bin/install-slashsite should now work from the installation directory.
Continue the installation as suggestion in the main INSTALL documentation.