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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# This code is a part of Slash, and is released under the GPL.
# Copyright 1997-2005 by Open Source Technology Group. See README
# and COPYING for more information, or see
# $Id$
# This script compares number of stories per section/skin from before
# and after section topics conversion. Only works if you keep your
# stories_old table around to compare to
use strict;
use File::Basename;
use Getopt::Std;
use Data::Dumper;
use Slash;
use Slash::Utility;
use vars qw( $slashdb $sections_all $skins_all $overall_summary $sections_year $skins_year $year_summary);
(my $VERSION) = ' $Revision$ ' =~ /\$Revision:\s+([^\s]+)/;
my $PROGNAME = basename($0);
$Data::Dumper::Sortkeys = 1;
my (%opts, %family_tree);
# Remember to doublecheck these match usage()!
usage('Options used incorrectly') unless getopts('hu:', \%opts);
usage() if $opts{h};
die "Username required" unless $opts{u};
$slashdb = getCurrentDB();
$sections_all = $slashdb->sqlSelectAllHashref(
"section, COUNT(*) as cnt",
"displaystatus > -1 ",
"GROUP BY section"
$skins_all = $slashdb->sqlSelectAllHashref(
", COUNT(DISTINCT stoid) as cnt",
"story_topics_rendered.tid=topic_nexus.tid AND = story_topics_rendered.tid",
$sections_all->{mainpage}{cnt} = $slashdb->sqlCount("stories_old", "displaystatus=0");
$overall_summary->{$_}{old} = $sections_all->{$_}{cnt} foreach keys %$sections_all;
$overall_summary->{$_}{new} = $skins_all->{$_}{cnt} foreach keys %$skins_all;
print "\nSummary of number of stories in sections/skins before and after conversion\n\n";
print "Section Before After\n";
print "-" x 40, "\n";
foreach (sort keys %$overall_summary) {
printf ("%20s %6d %6d\n", $_, $overall_summary->{$_}{old}, $overall_summary->{$_}{new});
print "-" x 40, "\n";
$sections_year = $slashdb->sqlSelectAllHashref(
[qw(year section)],
"section, COUNT(*) as cnt, SUBSTRING(time,1,4) as year",
"displaystatus > -1 ", "
GROUP BY substring(time,1,4),section"
$skins_year = $slashdb->sqlSelectAllHashref(
[ qw(year name) ],
", COUNT(DISTINCT stories.stoid) as cnt, SUBSTRING(time,1,4) as year",
"story_topics_rendered.tid=topic_nexus.tid AND = story_topics_rendered.tid
AND stories.stoid=story_topics_rendered.stoid",
"GROUP BY substring(time,1,4),"
foreach my $year (keys %$sections_year) {
$sections_year->{$year}{mainpage}{cnt} = $slashdb->sqlCount("stories_old","time like '$year%' AND displaystatus=0");
foreach my $sec (keys %{$sections_year->{$year}}){
$year_summary->{$year}{$sec}{old} = $sections_year->{$year}{$sec}{cnt};
foreach my $year (keys %$skins_year) {
foreach my $sec (keys %{$skins_year->{$year}}){
$year_summary->{$year}{$sec}{new} = $skins_year->{$year}{$sec}{cnt};
print "\n\n\nBreakdown By Year\n\n";
foreach my $year (sort keys %$year_summary) {
print "$year\n";
print "Section Before After\n";
print "-" x 40, "\n";
foreach (sort keys %{$year_summary->{$year}}) {
printf ("%20s %6d %6d\n", $_, $year_summary->{$year}{$_}{old}, $year_summary->{$year}{$_}{new});
print "-" x 40, "\n";
print "\n";