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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use File::Basename;
use Getopt::Std;
use Slash;
use Slash::Utility;
use Data::Dumper;
# This script converts Firehose from old-style (pre-Sept 2008)
# to new-style (Sept 2008), this allows stories to be excluded
# from the mainpage, and appear in multiple sections just as
# stories were able to do on index utilizing story_topics_rendered.
# A new firehose_topics_rendered table is added as well as the nexuslist and offmainpage
# columns in firehose to track this information
# Script usage: convertFirehoseDBto200809 -u <virtuser>
use vars qw( $constants $slashdb $stories $nonstories $firehose);
my $PROGNAME = basename($0);
my (%opts);
die('Options used incorrectly') unless getopts('hu:', \%opts);
die "Username required ie: convertFirehoseDBto200809 -u <virtuser>" unless $opts{u};
$constants = getCurrentStatic();
$slashdb = getCurrentDB();
$firehose = getObject("Slash::FireHose");
# First convert stories
$stories = $slashdb->sqlSelectAllHashrefArray("id,srcid", "firehose", "type='story'", "order by id desc");
foreach (@$stories) {
if ($_->{srcid}) {
my $tids = $slashdb->sqlSelectColArrayref("tid", "story_topics_rendered", "stoid = '$_->{srcid}'");
$firehose->setTopicsRenderedForStory($_->{srcid}, $tids);
} else {
warn "no srcid for story with firehose id of: $_->{id}\n";
# Next add offmainpage flag as appropriate in firehose table
my $offmainpage_stories = $slashdb->sqlSelectColArrayref('stoid', 'story_param', "name='offmainpage' and value='1'");
if (@$offmainpage_stories >= 1) {
my $stoid_list = join ',', @$offmainpage_stories;
$slashdb->sqlUpdate('firehose', { offmainpage => "yes"}, "type='story' and srcid in($stoid_list)");
# Then convert non-stories
$nonstories = $slashdb->sqlSelectAllHashrefArray("id,primaryskid", "firehose", "type!='story'", "order by id desc");
foreach (@$nonstories) {
my $ps = $_->{primaryskid};
if (!$ps) {
$ps = $constants->{mainpage_skid};
$firehose->setFireHose($_->{id}, { primaryskid => $ps });
$firehose->setTopicsRenderedBySkidForItem($_->{id}, $ps);