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slash-1.0.10, 2000.xx.xx
* Change order of installing perl in INSTALL (Dave Aiello)
slash-1.0.9, 2000.10.02
* Slash now counts the number of times a user is moderated
up or down
* Slash now strips \0 characters from all form values
* Hopefully fixed problem with submissions getting extra whitespace,
made addition of whitespace in Slash::stripByMode() more
* Added absolutedir variable (will be used more later) for
having a URL that is absolute for printing in mails etc.,
so rootdir can be free to be somewhat relative, if necessary
* Change passwd text in from 20 max chars to 12
* Add new postmode, "code", for posting code; essentially
the same as extrans, but wraps all input in <CODE> HTML
* Removed default admin users from default db dump, which can be
created now with the new script sql/, due
to security hole in knowing admin username/password
slash-1.0.8, 2000.08.18
* Fixed pollBooth not displaying comments (T Caleb Fauver)
* Fixed messing up some story text, added a new
parameter to Slash::stripByMode so the "extra whitespace" won't
be added if $no_white_fix is true (T Caleb Fauver)
* Remove <rss> tag in RDF file / slashd for now (address
more fully in bender)
* Fix portald to be more liberal in which ampersands it decides
not to convert in slashboxes
* Fix to filter realemail, fakeemail, and homepage
more reasonably
* Add Slash::chopEntity() to chop out incomplete HTML entities
at the end of some text
* Added fancyboxwidth, m2_userpercentage, submission_bonus,
maxkarma to
* Fixed bug in referencing m2_goodkarma instead of
* Change Slash::getAd() to not return HTML surrounding ad but
only ad itself, and to accept a number identifying specific
* Fix dailyStuff to not die on unlink failure, and to create
missing paths with File::Path::mkpath()
* Removed newmega() from slashd
* Added DBI::FAQ to Bundle::Slash
* contrib/recentcomm rewritten, allow sorting by sid and printing
"&cid=$cid" instead of "#$cid"
* contrib/ added for generating stripped-down HTML
for PDAs
* Fixed incorrect color editor identifiers in
* Lengthened second story editing box ("bodytext"), commented
out image upload HTML, in
* Allow authors to moderate the same post twice if
authors_unlimited set
* Change in where clicking a slashbox up or down or
close icon will redirect the user's browser back to,
so reloading the resulting page won't redo the same action
* Fixed odd bug with threshholds and not printing the correct
comment counts in
* Bunches of changes
* Allow slashboxes to contain '-' in
* Fixed setting of lastaccess field in
* Changed to and added missing columns
for users_info in slashdata_dump.sql
slash-1.0.7, 2000.07.12
* Poll booth now checks to insure answers are in range before
counting them
* Removed spurious entries for user with uid "7" in users_
tables in slashdata_dump.sql
* Add schema changes for 1.0.6 back into slash_schema.sql
* Added fixparam() function (same as fixurl($foo, 1)) and
cleaned up fixurl() to better handle stuff
* Slash now checks story dates for validity before saves and
slash-1.0.6, 2000.07.10
* Don't let BLOCKQUOTEs nest more than 4 in (same
as UL and OL)
* Added Bundle::CPAN to Bundle::Slash (see INSTALL)
* Don't let users edit authors without seclev >= 500 (ttyp0)
* Fix for all TEXTAREA sections, converting all < and > and &
characters to HTML entities
* Add text next to "moderate" button to warn authors that
checkbox is for deleting comments
* Change redirect code to use URI->new_abs->canonical
(still use old method if $rootdir eq '')
* Fixed bug in where users could not click back to
the first page of results using the "xx previous matches"
link (Joris Trooster)
* When performing a user search using, it will also
check the fakeemail field, in addition to the nickname
* Fix to allow "%" and "#" in URLs for Slash::fixurl()
* No longer show comments to regular users in
* Disallow most characters from nicknames in
* Add session-based cookies for Anonymous Coward for use
with formkeys in submission and comment posting forms
* Slash::setCookie() can be called with an addition boolean
parameter to set temporary, session-based cookies
* Fixed bug that allowed users to moderate a single comment more
than once
* Submission titles are now shown on the browser's titlebar
* Section articles appearing on the main index now also have a
link to the section's home page by the "Read More" link
(Russ Nelson)
* Fixed bug where authors could moderate if they were logged in as
authors, but not logged in as a registered user
* Added 'active' field to moderatorlog (yes, it probably
could have been called something better) to track which
moderation attempts actually succeed. Done mainly due to the
fact that there are some situations where we may want to make
certain moderations that don't get applied still applicable to
M2 review. and have been made aware of
this new field
* Metamoderation results are now counted. The number of times a
user's moderation is voted fair or unfair is now counted in
users_info (columns m2fair and m2unfair)
* Fixed small bug in which would result in bugs while
saving and editing topics if $I{basedir} was not derived from
$I{datadir} (i.e., if the 2 directories were on different
* If there were no images in the topic images directory, the topic
editor would display a select list with no items. Now, a warning
is displayed and the user is given an input box filled with the
current filename
* Hit counting has been disabled (again) in due to
problems with httpd stability. Aparently precounting results,
even on fast servers will cause a huge load on MySQL which then
flakes out the httpds. Will be analysing this to see if a
solution can be found. Until then, we will only count the
number of matches we've encountered and the bottom link will
say "More matches..." as opposed to "x more matches"
* More counts added for M2, now in addition to counting the
number of times a user is voted fair or unfair, we also count
the times a user VOTES fair or unfair. The last pair of numbers
can be used to determine if your Slash metamoderation system is
being abused. (This adds 2 new columns to users_info:
m2fairvotes and m2unfairvotes)
* Changes to the moderation system, these can be summed up by
describing the following new variables added to
m2_maxunfair: Float from 0 to 1. This number determines
the percentage of unfair votes that indicates
abuse. The user performing M2 will quietly be
assessed a karma penalty and their votes will
be ignored if their percentage of unfair votes
equals or exceeds this value.
m2_toomanyunfair: Float from 0 to 1. This number
determines the percentage of unfair votes that
indicates POSSIBLE abuse of the system. If the
percentage of unfair votes exceeds this value
then these votes are ignored. No penalty is
m2_mincheck: Integer. Number of comments which have to
be voted on before the above checks are
m2_comments: Number of comment moderations to be
displayed in a single M2 session.
m2_bonus: Amount of karma to be awarded upon completion
of M2.
m2_penalty: Amount of karma to be subtracted if M2 is
m2_maxbonus: Karma maximum from M2. If a user's karma
exceeds this value, then said user receives no
further bonus or his participation.
* Added the 'flag' column in metamodlog; this indicates how an M2
session was treated and is a good way to check for possible M2
problems. Currently flag can be the following values:
0 - No detected problems with M2
1 - Questionable M2. Votes ignored
2 - Abuse of M2. Votes ignored and UID penalized
* Renamed variables:
'goodkarma_limit' is now 'goodkarma'
'badkarma_limit' is now 'badkarma'
* User's ID (UID) added to comment headers
* Names of the comment poster have been removed during
* Fixed a minor bug in that inadvertantly stopped the
injection of new eligible users into the metamoderation pool
* Added "<rss> ... </rss>" to .rdf file, and added encoding
of "ISO-8859-1" (will later be configurable) in slashd
(Roger Carneiro Soares)
slash-1.0.5, 2000.06.13
* Section articles that appear on main page will now have the
section part of the titles as a link to that section's index
* Now shows author comments while viewing the submission as
opposed to trying to scroll through the small input box in the
submissions list
* Fixed bug in which would display
stories that were 'Never Display' or that had not yet gone
* Added some fixes for Slash::reparentComments()
* Fixed typo s/an <B>valid/a <B>valid/ in (David-T)
* Small edits to logging in slashd, adding logging to a file
(logs/moderatord.log) in moderatord
* Added /'s before links in mainmenu block in slashdata_dump.sql
* Took form checking code out of .pl files and put into functions
insertFormkey: inserts new formkey
checkSubmission: checks to see if a form submission
is valid
checkTimesPosted: checks to see if max posts reached
submittedAlready: checks to see if a form with a given
formkey has been posted already
formAbuse: logs attempts to fook, break, or
flood a particlar form
formSuccess: updates formkeys table with a submit
time for a given formkey and
increments value to 1 (submitted)
* Warn user before they try to submit that max submissions has
been reached ( and
* Fixed code to check if formkey for a submission is being
submitted by the IP address that it was initially created under
* New function Slash::errorMessage(), prints out whatever
argument it receives
* Added/modified tables:
abusers: added columns reason, query_string
formkey: changed comment_length to content length
host_name: changed to varchar(30) - was varchar(15)
* Slightly changed regex in to not munge submitted
URLs that are directly preceded by a > character
* Strip out all trailing space, better identifying of URLs,
in $introtext in
* Send Mail::Sendmail warnings in Slash::sendEmail() to
* Fixed typo in, \n was in single quotes (garyb)
* Removed some functions from @Slash::EXPORT that were not
being used outside
* Changed $I{r} in to get Apache->request only if
$ENV{GATEWAY_INTERFACE} =~ m|^CGI-Perl/|, instead of looking
* Added code to filter certain form inputs as soon as they are
first received in Slash::getSlash() (especially inputs that
should be numbers), added new function Slash::fixint()
* Changed around all the HTTP header stuff to use CGI::header()
in; hopefully, this will fix problems and not create
new ones
* Changed Slash::setCookie() to return hashref instead of string
for use with new HTTP header scheme
* Fixed HTTP header for Slash::header() and to return
proper 404 status code
* Close up some little holes in Slash::getSectionColors(),
pollbooth routines, search routines
* Added "attribute" parameter for Slash::stripByMode(), which
strips out not only <>& (like "literal" does), but also
strips "
* Added new function Slash::fixurl() to fix up URLs to be
good (took code from Slash::approveTag, added some more
to encode every character that is not safe or reserved,
according to RFC1738)
* Base deletions of newstories in dailyStuff on archive_delay
* Do stripByMode() of sig in after getting first 160
chars of sig, fitting into schema
* Fixed up slashhead image and WIDTH of slashhead.gif and
slashslogan.gif (Nathan Vonnahme)
* Fixed in stripping of bad chars from query string
(Michael Sims)
* Added submit_categories array to, for adding
new categories to submissions (like Hold, Quik, etc.)
* Fixed bad color of "Moderation totals" text in
* Put export TZ=GMT at top of utils/slashd (n8)
* Took out code to check for matching nicknames against author
nicknames; authors should have their user nicknames reserved
* Added some programs to contrib directory: user2author and
sendAdminMail from madmag, and recentcomm, for getting
the most recent comments
* Plenty of minor code cleanups
slash-1.0.4, 2000.05.31
* Section pull-down in submissions editor should now reflect
the right section when editing submissions if 'defaultsection'
is set in
* Fixed nickname matching in mailPassword() in
to match case indepently
* Set user's points to 0 in if they are unwilling
to moderate
* Fixed to not allow voting by anonymous users
if allow_anonymous is false
* Removed extra TD tags after motd in Slash::footer()
* Removed spurious text after commentswarning in
* Moved code to load to the end of slashd, so
subroutines could be put in to override
subroutines in slashd
* Made index.shtml update every interval in slashd, instead
of only when writestatus = 1
* Removed empty columns from grid in
* Added mkpth call to slashd, to create logs dir
* Removed the use of IPC for speed limit (in
and Now using the submit_ts column in formkeys,
which has been made into an integer (set to the value of
that the perl function time() outputs)
* Fixed bugs with the formkey and comment submission and story
submission max posting limits
* Moved redundant code from and that
handled formkey functionality into
* Fixed to now have URL field
* Changed ratio on content filters 34 and 35 from .4 to .7/.5
* Fixed typo in (Nathan Vonnahme)
* Strip & out of new nicknames
slash-1.0.3, 2000.05.22
* Fixed and to strip HTML that may have been
passed in through the URL; this had been identified as a way
to redirect a user to a bad URL with a SCRIPT that would
be executed once displayed in the browser (drwiii, eithkay)
* Changed $admin mail in to $I{adminmail}
* Fixed longstanding bug in preventing logging in
after a logout without doing a GET reload of
* Changed autoUrl() in back to previous state
* Fixed bad sqlInsert call in's blockSave()
* Minor HTML tweaks to,
* Changed "commentkey" table to "formkeys", so it can be
used for other form keys, like the submission forms,
in (see INSTALL for directions on upgrading)
* In's undoModeration(), don't let the score
go above 5 or lower than -1
* Added stats_reports hashref to and dailyStuff;
contains mail addresses for daily stats reports to go to
* Changed test for last meta-moderation in's
isEligible(); previous test would say user had recently
meta-moderated if they never had
* Log errors getting RDFs in portald (cday)
* Changed test for fetching RDFs in portald to attempt
if "rdf" column is not empty, instead of not null
* Added call to execute a "portald-site" program; sites can put
any extra code they might want to add to portald into this
extra file (for example, in order to set blocks that are not
RDF files, using other parsing schemes, etc.)
* Switched to Mail::Sendmail instead of Mail::Sender
(this is still subject to change in the future, but we
got sick of Mail::Sender and Mail::Sendmail was an
easy replacement); added to Bundle::Slash and INSTALL
* Moved the approvedtags array to from
* Only get nickname of anonymous user if we don't have it already
* Fixed bug in Slash::pollbooth where <INPUT> tag was not closed
* Turned off print of SQL Error string to browser in
* Fixed some of the logic in Slash::stripByMode for "nohtml",
Slash::stripBadHtml, and Slash::approvetag for properly
dealing with user submissions, the occasional exploit attempt,
etc. (dtaylor, et al)
* Added the time since last action for Slash::currentAdminUsers()
* Fixed duplicate HTML header problem in Slash::header() by only
printing header if $title is true (so it will not print in the
header include files)
* Try to catch bad points values for posts in
Slash::selectComments() and
* Set a threshhold of how deep comments can nest on a page;
the default is 7, but can be set with the max_depth parameter
in; comments can be posted to any depth, but will
only be displayed at depth of max_depth from the parent comment
on any given page
* Fixed comment HTML in ULs by putting sub-lists properly wrapped
in the parent LI tags (ToastyKen)
* To slashd, added sigtrap to slashd (so if something kills
slashd, it will be logged), automatic directory creation to
prog2file(), bare-bones WML creation
* Background dailyStuff when running from slashd
* Added formkey checking, similar to stuff, to
* Added grid to list showing various views and counts in
* Print karma next to submittor's name in
* Fixed font sizes for and for pollbooth
* Fixed typo in s/Catagories/Categories/
* Added MAXLENGTH="20" to new user nickname form element in, and a truncating of the user nickname before it is
checked for validity and added to the database
* Added mailfrom to and; it is the
address mail is sent from; also changed default hostnames
in to ""
* Took out apparently unneeded flush/lock/unlock surrounding
"delete from accesslog" statement in dailyStuff
* Added http_proxy option for portald and in
* Changed utils/slashd to use /home/slash instead of
/home/slashdot by default (Ricardo Manuel Oliveira)
* Log more errors for portald
* Fixed missing semicolon following "&lt;&lt" in
* Removed spurious + from some displayed nicknames
* Catch bad formkeys in
slash-1.0.2, 2000.04.12
* Got rid of "Slash::" from some function calls in
*.pl files; added more functions to @Slash::EXPORT
* Added use_dept variable to to toggle
the use of the "dept" field in stories on and off;
affects,, dailyStuff
* Determine image height and width of topic images in automatically, using Image::Size, if left
unspecified; added Image::Size to INSTALL and
* Add "fixhrefs" key to; each element of
the fixhrefs array is an array of two values, a regex
to match an HREF on, and a subroutine to process the
HREF if it matches; all URLs in comments (and now
in stories, in's autourl function) are
passed through these, via Slash::fixHref()
* Fixed problem where moderation would be undone if
unlimited moderation was on for authors, an author
moderated, and then posted to that discussion
* Fixed problem in moderation logic in, a
new bug where users with points who were not authors
could not moderate (GrnArrow)
* Added note about adding "nobody" to the "slash" group
in INSTALL (Eric Yousey)
* Removed World New York slashbox (Grant Barrett)
* Fixed up newusermsg block to include all the right
information about the site and username
* Fixed Slash::approveTag() to use regexes instead of
equality so "P .*?" and "DIV .*?" will work as expected
* Moved $I{reasons}, $I{badreasons}, $I{approvedtags} to
Slash::getSlashConf(); they were getting lost in some cases
by the Apache process
* Add variable to to not allow anonymous posts,
and allowed change of users.nickname where UID=-1 to
change the Anonymous Coward name to something else (some
code relied on the name); affects,,
* Changed Slash::currentAdminUsers() to print the current
admin user, too
* Added File::Path and use its mkpath() to make directories
in slashd
* Fixed portald to put its pid file in logs/, not /tmp/
* Removed spurious '";' text in
* Added maximum posts per IP address via $I{max_posts_allowed}
in and modified to use it; created
table "abusers" to log anyone who exceeds the maximum postings
for the day
slash-1.0.1, 2000.04.03
* small fix to fancybox, titlebar blocks; included in dump
and update scripts
slash-1.0.0, 2000.03.30
* Changed "unlink or die"'s in slashd to "unlink or warn"'s,
so if a file is not there or cannot be deleted, it won't
be fatal
* Upgrade to File::Spec 0.8 (added to Bundle::Slash)
* Added timestamp to submissions list, and corresponding variable (submiss_ts) to turn it on and off
* Use storymore block for bodytext in articles, in;
added new HTML for storymore block
* Added admin_timeout variable to, which
specifies the time in minutes before an idle admin
session times out (default is 30) (affected code in
* Fixed "undefined value as ARRAY reference" in, from
when a section has no blocks
* Once again, fix All Authors and All Topics put in database
* Fix to search ALL sections (including those set
to only show up in one section) when "All Sections" is
selected (Marco Paglioni)
* Fixed to point to$sid instead of
$S->{section}/$sid.shtml if writestatus != 10 (that is, the
story is not archived) (madman, GrnArrow)
* Got rid of "javascript:" (actually, /^\w+script\b/) HREFs
so people cannot be bad (Bart Cilfone)
* Changed titlebar block because right corner looked bad in
IE 5 (Tasman is better? ha!)
* Added color block "slash_colors"
* Added the ability to preview in new colors from the
site color editor
* Added a document that walks a user through the admin interface
that is also accessable from the help admin menu
* Fixed utils/slashd to not have to "su". It now runs setuser, and
modified slashd to open a pid file in logs, which is used to get
the pid to start/stop/restart the slashd daemon
slash-0.9.5, 2000.03.23
* Added check in dailyStuff to not send mail if there are no
new stories (nwetters)
* Added check in isTroll in to work from
down_moderations for badUID, not just badIP
* Took out the requirement of $A->{copy} in for the
author list to show up without "copy"
* Added commentkey table cleanup to dailyStuff, deletes
comment keys over a day old
* Changes "commentstatus" on line 51 of to
* Changed Slash::header() to make menus in light version look
a little better
* Changed image link in light_header to point to rdfimg
* Added light_story_link and light_story_trailer to blocks
(GrnArrow), set type='eval' for story_link
* Set comments deletion to use $I{archive_delay} in dailyStuff
* Changed to link to static pages instead of of comment has already been archived
* Fixed user search in (conflict between a separate
global $U and lexical $U in the original codebase, during
code cleanup changed it to use the global, instead of
keeping it the lexical)
* Fixed portal blocks that didn't have ordernum and portal
fields properly set (quick links, uptime), quicklinks had
name changed to index_qlinks, features_qlinks
* Changed name of more blocks (Older Stuff blocks) from "more"
to "index_more", "features_more", etc.; made corresponding
changes to and
* Changed mail text sent to users in the newusermsg record in the
blocks table, and the moderation text in, using
variables instead of Rob's name and address
* Added site information to newusermsg block (GrnArrow)
* Fixed Recent Topics link in (GrnArrow)
* isTroll() in returns false for authors
(authors.seclev > 99)
* Allow authors (authors.seclev > 99) to have unlimited
moderation (can edit any post at any time) with the
authors_unlimited variable in (Archon, GrnArrow,
* Slash::adminMenu() returns submission count for only articles
section if articles_only is set in
* Got rid of spurious "; in editpoll()
* Fixed division by zero error in
* Added 'All Topics' and 'All Authors' to topics and authors
tables in database (both have a name with no tid/aid)
* Fixed bug where sometimes "name" was not a parameter in the
customize comments form, but was expected if user was an
author, and a spurious "coookies not working" message was
printed from
* Fixed redirection to crapMesg() when not logged in;
instead, redirect to displayForm() so user can log in
* Fix bug printing bad tables in (GrnArrow)
* Added matchname field to users and authors, which is special
version of nickname/aid used to see if the name is already
taken, so Capt___TOFU! will not be allowed if CaptTofu exists;
added sql/ script to alter database and
populate matchname field for existing records, and added
checks to newUser() in
* Require File::Spec::Functions. If you already have File::Spec
0.7, you are fine; if not, get KJALB/File-Spec-0.7.tar.gz from
CPAN, and use `make install UNINST=1` to uninstall version that
came with perl 5.005); not added to Bundle::Slash because
File::Spec in Bundle::Slash tries to install perl5.6.0
* Fixed Slash::getSlashConf() to work properly when calling
programs on the command line from public_html/ or sql/.
* Changed name/link for moderator directions in
* fixes/additions/updates
- new colors editing section
- improved section editing
- improved block editing section
- ability to revert block changes (using new blocks column
- ability to revert color changes (using blockbak column in
blocks for bid = 'color')
- vastly improved author editing
slash-0.9.4, 2000.03.15
* Allow block IDs containing underscores to be viewed as
slashboxes (change regex in checkList in
* Added a bunch of checks for opens and unlinks in portald,
slashd, dailyStuff; errors for slashd etc. printed to
slashd log
* Made change to IPC stuff in, tying to has instead
of hashref; turned $I{use_ipc} off by default in
* Fixed slashd to only run queries if ssID and ssRUID have values
* Fixed typo (s/CLSPAN/COLSPAN/) (buddah, XenoWolf)
* In, only print image if there is a topic ID
* Fixed table bug by making table width="200" in
fancybox block (Tom Massey)
* Fixed references bug in for topiceditor
* Changed Submissions count in Slash::adminMenu to return total
submission count, not just submissions for the article section
* Added WIDTH="100%" to story_link and story blocks to make blocks
line up properly in IE and iCab browsers
* Removed the regex to remove whitespace in slashd (sometimes
whitespace is needed and required)
* Fixed bad link to in
* Activated newmotd() call in slashd (Simon Hanington)
* Fixed bug with $I{rootdir} not put in path for .inc files
(Lit-Hsin Loo)
* Fixed call to userlogin block in to evaluate
* Big ol' cookie fix in, and $I{cookiedomain} is now
undefined by default (Everyone!)
* Changed s/&/&amp;/g regex in portald to check to see if the
& is the beginning of an entity (such as &apos; or &#32;)
before changing it to &amp;.
* Added Bundle::Slash into distribution for real this time
* Added capability for users to view submissions in,
if submiss_view set to true in
* Various fixes and enhancements to
* Fixed blocks and sectionblocks table to have 1:1
relation, put in the dump, or fix_blocks.sql and
alter_blocks.sql for those who aren't using the
full dump
* Changed various submit buttons to have various form
names instead of "op" to allow buttons to display
descriptive action names
* Added block deletion to the blocks editing page
* Added form element for "portal" value
* Cleaned up code to work the same for all types of
blocks and to work with both tables correctly
* Cleaned up the filter editing blocks
* Fixed broken topics and section editing
* Fixes to
* Added vhost.httpd.conf example configuration for multiple Slash
instances running as virtual hosts
slash-0.9.3, 2000.03.03
* For all code and blocks (aside from slashboxes), reworked all of the
global variables into being in one big global hash, so multiple
instances of slash could coexist. Made all code run under -w and
use strict. Normalized tabbing and spacing. Cleaned up HTML and
Perl a bit to make it easier to read. The HTML is still not
compliant with any known DTD, but it is closer, and easier to work
* "Use of uninitialized value" warnings are caught by __WARN__ sig
handler in
* New function getSlashConf() added to, which returns a hashref
containing the config info for that server instance. All previous
globals are referenced through the %I variable. $dbh is now $I{dbh},
$$U{uid} is now $I{U}{uid}, etc. Read documentation in
and httpd.conf for how this all works.
* Added redirect() function to; HTTP headers are now printed
from header() function instead of getSlash() function. A new variable
SETCOOKIE is used to store any cookie that is to be printed to the
browser. header() and redirect() print the cookie in the HTTP headers
if it is defined. redirect() is called to do an HTTP redirect instead
of the previous method of META redirects.
* Users who log in via the URL (http://site/ ...)
will now be redirected to the home page, so they will not keep their
user name and password in the query string, which would then be passed
on in the HTTP_REFERER to any site they linked to from that page.
* looks different now; it now sets a hash, which is then
referenced in the %Slash::conf global hash by either its
$ENV{SERVER_NAME} (when that variable exists) or $$ (the PID, for
slashd, which does not have $ENV{SERVER_NAME} set)
* Added updatemin to and slashd, which is the amount of
minutes to delay before slashd runrs its normal periodic functions
(default was previously five minutes, approximately)
* Added cookiepath to, which is set automatically, but
may be defined with any value; defaults to root directory, which
makes cookies work more better (Joshua Kronengold)
* Added mainfontface var for determining font face used on site, and
fontbase var for base size of fonts (default is 0)
* Added archive_delay var to and dailyStuff, to allow
configuration of number of days to wait before archiving an article
and deleting its comments (Bernard)
* Fixed INSTALL to create /etc/apache.listen instead of /etc/listen
(Igor Loncarevic)
* Added parentheses to getTopicBank and getSectionBank in (JD
* Added note in INSTALL about setting values in httpd.conf and
* Added extra <TD>&nbsp;</TD> to (Mike Killewald)
* Changed created RSS file from slashdot.rdf to sitename.rdf,
where "sitename" is the site's name, without spaces or punctuation
and lowercased. Same thing with XML file.
* Added "blocked" button on block editing screen in,
so you can edit a block without saving the current one
(Curt Johnson)
* Added info about reinitializing database from scratch to INSTALL
(Mike Lewis)
* Changed call for "neworder" field to "newordernum" in
(Curt Johnson)
* Added note about making home directory readable and executable by
* Added Bundle::Slash module to distribution, notes about Bundle::Slash,
IPC::Shareable and Compress::Zlib in INSTALL
* Fixed lack of nickname in mailings in dailyStuff (Paul Schuh)
* Fixed number of stories to post every story from today, and
at least 1/3 of maxstories.
* Added speed limit for posting to, with post_limit and
use_ipc variables set in (requires IPC::Shareable,
but only if use_ipc is set to true)
* Added commentkey table for passing a unique key to each form to
prevent repeat posting with the same form
* Added comment filters to and (Compress::Zlib
required); filters modified through interface, added
comment_filters table
* Fixed bugs in, so meta-moderation is working now, and
added a metamodlog table (cleaned out every three days in
dailyStuff, just like moderatorlog)
* Turned retrieve=0 for almost all portald blocks in sectionblocks,
so new Slash sites will not get any of those slash boxes updated
unless they manually set retrieve=1 for each one that they want
to be active
* Completely revamped and updated block editor, including separation of
portald blocks, description and type column in blocks table,
set retrieve and other data from editor
* Added some upgrade instructions to INSTALL, added files
slashblocks_dump.sql and alter_database.sql to distribution for
upgrading from slash-0.9.2
* Added bin/tailslash to distribution (called from dailyStuff)
* Reworked sample httpd.conf, including sample method of doing
virtual hosting with multiple slash sites working simultaneously
* Removed locking from portald updates
slash-, 2000.02.03
* Small bugfix to dailyStuff - needed to use $adminmail instead of
* Small but very important bugfix to Slash that allowed trolls to put
images in comments (adding stripBadHtml back in)
slash-0.9.2, 2000.02.01
* Added $adminmail to,,,,
used instead of "$siteadmin\@$basedomain"
* Added $cookiedomain to,, used instead of
* reformatted
* Changed stripByMode and stripBadHtml in, fixing some bugs in
comments postings and adding new feature, allowing people to have
indented text in plaintext mode (Ben Tilly)
* Changed errant "$bg[3]" in to the proper "$fg[3]" (Paul
* Delay making discussions active until is story is posted in
* Added new sub to to check validity of comments, used for
previews and submissions. Remove extra close tags and add missing
close tags for allowed HTML markup that require close tags, and don't
allow too much UL/OL nesting (storem)
* Don't allow PID to be passed in the form in
* Fixed security hole in newUser in that allowed a user to
create a new user with any nickname, by passing in HTML that would be
stripped out after the check for existing username was made
* Added /usr/local/apache_logs to INSTALL
* Added some utilities in utils directory
slash-0.9.1, 2000.01.28
* s/slashdot/slashd/g in utils/slashd (bvd)
* Changed mail address to correct value in dailyStuff
* Fixed RSS file generation code to use $slogan and $rdfimg in (added $rdfimg variable to and
* Added code to include "Read More" links in extra box below articles
in public_html/
* Changed sql/ to strip newline from hostname,
and to accept optional hostname on command line
* Changed RSS for lilithfair to WomensMusicNews (James Turinsky)
* Lots of changes to INSTALL:
Added TimeDate Perl distribution
Added more information about installing Perl modules, which
ones to use, where to install them, etc.
Added step to create /etc/apache.listen
Added extra admonition to change passwords (JT)
Run mysqld in GMT
* Added INSTALL.debian (Bernard)
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