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Fix for double-POST-read.

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commit c3ca54109edfc8574dd191f6fb06a049cd4c0f3b 1 parent 98608c3
@jamiemccarthy jamiemccarthy authored
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11 Slash/Apache/User/
@@ -95,14 +95,19 @@ sub handler {
# data to be, so no later code will try to read from it. Maybe we
# should do this in filter_params itself, but for now it's here.
# -- jamie
+ # And gee it sure looks like this makes this handler get executed
+ # twice and the second time through it comes as a GET with no
+ # parameters because they've been nuked. But when I comment
+ # those three lines out, it at least works, so that's what I'm
+ # doing for now. We'll figure it out better later. -- jamie
my $method = $r->method;
my $form = filter_params($apr);
- $r->method('GET');
- $r->method_number(M_GET);
- $r->headers_in->unset('Content-length');
+# $r->method('GET');
+# $r->method_number(M_GET);
+# $r->headers_in->unset('Content-length');
# And now the request is safe for or anything else to try
# to work with -- or at least it won't hang.
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