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pudge committed Jan 30, 2004
1 parent 9006783 commit 6e065910c6a5661a02526f34f7f5217f62d366b9
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@@ -1976,8 +1976,6 @@ INSERT INTO vars (name, value, description) VALUES ('topic_search_sid_limit', 10
# End of T_2_3_0_127, Start of T_2_3_0_128 - 2003/12/11
# End of T_2_3_0_128, Start of T_2_3_0_129 - 2003/12/16
CREATE TABLE users_logtokens (
@@ -2050,3 +2048,7 @@ REPLACE INTO code_param (type, code, name) VALUES ('session_login',1,'closes wit
INSERT INTO vars (name, value, description) VALUES ('common_story_words', 'about above across after again against almost along already also although always among another anyone arise around aside asked available away became because become becomes been before began behind being better between both brought called came can\'t cannot certain certainly come could days didn\'t different does done down during each either else enough especially even ever every fact find following form found from further gave gets give given gives giving going gone hardly have having here himself however http important into it\'s itself just keep kept knew know known largely later least like look made mainly make many maybe might more most mostly much must nearly neither never next none noted nothing obtain obtained often once only other others ought over overall owing particularly past people perhaps please possible present probably quite rather read ready really right said same saying says seem seems seen several shall should show showed shown shows similar similarly since some something sometime sometimes somewhat soon such sure take taken tell than that that\'s their theirs them themselves then there therefore these they thing things think this those though through throughout thus time together told took toward turn under unless until upon used using usually various very want well were what what when where whether which while whole whom whose wide widely will will with within without would year years your', 'Words which are considered too common to be used in detecting "similar" stories');
+# End of T_2_3_0_132, Start of T_2_3_0_133 - 2004/01/30

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