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Few more not-strictly-necessary modules

Listing a few more modules that may not strictly be necessary
for a Slash install but very likely might.  These will not be
installed by default.
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1 parent 49602bb commit 49222ead6077b696ccac079ebbb200b2a9838f16 @jamiemccarthy jamiemccarthy committed May 21, 2008
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@@ -130,6 +130,7 @@ Our optional modules, which are not required for a default install
and thus not installed by default, but which may become required as
you edit your site configuration, are: Cache::Memcached Silly::Werder
GD GD::Text GD::Graph Apache::SSI Apache::RegistryFilter GraphViz
-Net::IRC Proc::ProcessTable Net::Jabber File::Type
+Net::IRC Proc::ProcessTable Net::Jabber File::Type Linux::Pid
+File::Type Apache::SSI String::Similarity

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