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A script that sets up users_info.initdomain will be nice.

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jamiemccarthy committed Feb 2, 2004
1 parent dd17037 commit e902a07081fcccc176875b0b836f051737ee20de
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@@ -2081,3 +2081,8 @@ UPDATE comments SET pointsmax=points;
ALTER TABLE users_info ADD COLUMN initdomain VARCHAR(30) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL AFTER user_expiry_comm, ADD COLUMN created_ipid VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL AFTER initdomain;
ALTER TABLE users_info ADD INDEX initdomain (initdomain), ADD INDEX created_ipid (created_ipid);
# If you want correct values for your existing users' column
# users_info.initdomain, try running this quick script
# (replace virtusername with your DBIx::Password user):
# perl -MSlash::Test=virtusername -e 'my $arr = $reader_db->sqlSelectAll("uid, realemail", "users"); for my $ar (@$arr) { next unless $ar->[1]; $d=fullhost_to_domain($ar->[1]); push @{$du{$d}}, $ar->[0] } undef $arr; while (($k, $v) = each %du) { $in = join(",", @$v); $slashdb->sqlUpdate("users_info", { initdomain => $k }, "uid IN ($in)"); sleep(0.1) if scalar(@$v) > 100 }'

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