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Commits on Apr 18, 2002
  1. @jamiemccarthy


    jamiemccarthy committed
Commits on Apr 17, 2002
  1. @Xliff
  2. @pudge
  3. @Xliff

    Corrects misspelled template name which would cause the right template

    Xliff committed
    to go unloaded when installing plugin.
  4. @pudge

    Fix SLASH_PREFIX on runtask, remove old occurrences of that line, upd…

    pudge committed
    …ate PREFIX->SLASH_PREFIX for consistency in remaining files, and replace /usr/local/slash with SLASH_PREFIX in data dump during install
  5. @Xliff

    Latest commits necessary for improved spider handling and now submiss…

    Xliff committed
    has a signature field that can be used to check for dupes. This is NOT
    a solution for crap flooding scripts, however, just for system-level
    auto-submitters like NewsVac and it's (eventual) ilk.
  6. @jamiemccarthy

    Bugfix: I messed up the dispatch handler trying to do something, so n…

    jamiemccarthy committed
    …ow I'm
    changing around the way we pass in arguments to dispatch subroutines.
  7. @pudge

    Misc. thingys

    pudge committed
  8. @jamiemccarthy
  9. @pudge

    Stupid comment!

    pudge committed
  10. @pudge

    Stupid package!

    pudge committed
  11. @BrianAker

    Saveing (this may be overkill)

    BrianAker committed
  12. @jamiemccarthy
  13. @CaptTofu

    small fix to

    CaptTofu committed
  14. @CaptTofu
  15. @jamiemccarthy

    Fix for ambiguity introduced by creation of sections.writestatus column

    jamiemccarthy committed
    (same name as column in discussions).
  16. @jamiemccarthy


    jamiemccarthy committed
  17. @jamiemccarthy
  18. @CaptTofu
  19. @BrianAker

    Here, changed, should work

    BrianAker committed
Commits on Apr 16, 2002
  1. @BrianAker


    BrianAker committed
  2. @BrianAker

    Update for authen

    BrianAker committed
  3. @BrianAker

    Just marking's spot

    BrianAker committed
  4. @BrianAker
  5. @pudge
  6. @pudge

    Fix whitespace

    pudge committed
  7. @Xliff

    Stability improvements for the spiders task. This version runs fairly

    Xliff committed
    smoothly and many of the slashd dropping problems have been solved.
    Note that two templates have been renamed to accomodate certain
    Mac users on the team. :)
  8. @pudge
  9. @BrianAker
  10. @jamiemccarthy

    Set default value for autopoll so we don't try to insert a row into

    jamiemccarthy committed
    pollquestions with autopoll=NULL.
  11. @BrianAker

    Small typo fix

    BrianAker committed
  12. @jamiemccarthy

    Correct a cvs error.

    jamiemccarthy committed
Commits on Apr 15, 2002
  1. @pudge
  2. @jamiemccarthy
  3. @BrianAker

    Small updates

    BrianAker committed
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