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tag: T_2_5_0_208
Commits on Jun 5, 2008
  1. Performance fix: make TagCountUser not horribly slow

    Jamie McCarthy authored
    Returning thousands of rows only to count them with scalar()
    is, it turns out, not the most efficient way of counting.
Commits on Jun 4, 2008
  1. Jamie McCarthy
  2. Jamie McCarthy


    jamiemccarthy authored
  3. Chris Nandor


    pudge authored
  4. Chris Nandor

    No wide characters in compress

    pudge authored
    Compress::Zlib now dies on wide characters.  Presumably it has a good reason.
    We don't anticipate tons of wide characters, so we just convert them all to _.
    If this is a problem later we can adjust filters accordingly, or something.
    We could also perhaps use the utf8 -> ascii filters in the same module.
  5. Jamie McCarthy
  6. Jamie McCarthy


    jamiemccarthy authored
  7. Jamie McCarthy
  8. Jamie McCarthy


    jamiemccarthy authored
  9. Jamie McCarthy


    jamiemccarthy authored
Commits on Jun 3, 2008
  1. Jamie McCarthy

    Performance fixes for peer clout computation

    jamiemccarthy authored
    Look back only 2 months, not 4, for peer clout computation.
    Also, use tagid, not timestamp, to limit how far back to look
    the voting select.  Hopefully this will allow Slashdot to
    run this task in reasonable time.
  2. Jamie McCarthy

    Save binspam-related stats

    jamiemccarthy authored
    Three binspam-related stats numbers were being generated for the daily mail
    but were not saved to stats_daily.
  3. Jamie McCarthy


    jamiemccarthy authored
    Variable passed from was misspelled in template, so admins
    received that line as blank in the emails
  4. Chris Nandor

    Add archive_last_update field to stories

    pudge authored
    This field says when only the most vital info for archival purposes has been
    changed: title, text, time, uid, topic, etc.  Used only for OAI for now.
  5. Chris Nandor

    Put tasks into their own namespace

    pudge authored
    Experiment to see if we can encapsulate a task in its own namespace.
    Should work, need more testing ASAP.
  6. Chris Nandor

    Speed up indexing for SearchToo

    pudge authored
    Clean up KS littering much sooner, so there's far less litter to copy around
    on backup.
  7. Chris Nandor

    Better documentation for Slash::Display::Plugin magic

    pudge authored
    You're welcome, Jamie.
  8. Jamie McCarthy

    Email warning if adminmail fails on table creation

    jamiemccarthy authored
    adminmail already sends email warnings on several errors but was not
    emailing when the table accesslog_temp_host_addr could not be created.
    Email warning added.
  9. Jamie McCarthy

    Make delete_accesslog support a BLACKHOLE master->normal slave

    jamiemccarthy authored
    The DELETEs sent to the log master don't replicate to the slave if the
    master is ENGINE=BLACKHOLE and the slave is (obviously) not.  This checks
    for that situation by testing whether an id exists on the master, and
    if not, sends the DELETEs directly to the slave.
  10. Auto-sanitize submission data for authors/editors

    Jonathan Pater authored
    The introtext is checked for a single case where it contains only one set of
    double quotes and then if present they are replaced with single quotes.
    Additionally, the subject line is sanitized so that every word is capitalized
    save for a, an, and, the, & of. The first word of the submission is
    capitalized regardless.
Commits on Jun 2, 2008
  1. Latest jQuery

    Wes Moran authored
  2. Fixed sql typo

    Timothy Vroom authored
Commits on Jun 1, 2008
  1. Removed debug message

    Tim Vroom authored
  2. Fixed typo

    Tim Vroom authored
  3. Merge branch 'master' of ssh://trac/srv/git/slash

    Tim Vroom authored
  4. updates to url checking query

    Tim Vroom authored
  5. Updates to parallelize url checker

    Tim Vroom authored
Commits on May 31, 2008
  1. Delete editorial references to Cliff Wood

    He isn't currently editing, and the email address we list bounces.
Commits on May 29, 2008
  1. New clientip_xff_trust_* var for more precise rewriting of IP

    Jamie McCarthy authored
    This new code's a little better for Slashdot's F5's and is a little
    more flexible for any Slash site that has a reverse proxy between
    its Slash webservers and its users.  Also, fixed a var that had
    apparently gone missing in defaults.sql despite having been added
    to upgrades some years ago.
  2. Tim Vroom

    Fixed conflicts

    tvroom authored
  3. Tim Vroom

    fixed whitespace issues

    tvroom authored
  4. Jamie McCarthy

    Remove unused expensive query from Firehose Usage console box

    jamiemccarthy authored
    A query to get the total number of users who'd nodded and nixed was doing
    a table scan.  Since its result wasn't being used in the template that
    generates the Firehose Usage console box, I commented it out.  I also
    moved all the other stats queries it does use to a reader instead of
    the writer, and cleaned up some minor syntax.
  5. Run hc_maintain_pool more often, doing less work

    Jamie McCarthy authored
    hc_maintain_pool is running for too long on our system and I need
    it to take smaller "bites."  By running it twice as often and doing
    (by default) three times less work, each run should complete in
    1/6th the time
Commits on May 28, 2008
  1. Jamie McCarthy

    Add WWW::Mechanize

    jamiemccarthy authored
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