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Commits on Aug 29, 2008
  1. @pudge

    Lower thresholds

    pudge authored
  2. @pudge

    Remove code that really didn't do anything that timothy doesn't like

    pudge authored
    This was converting -- in URLs.  It doesn't do much, so kill it.
  3. @pudge


    pudge authored
  4. @pudge


    pudge authored
Commits on Aug 28, 2008
  1. @jamiemccarthy

    Speed up listTagnamesRecent

    jamiemccarthy authored
    listTagnamesRecent is used by /tags/recent and the console's Recent
    Tagnames box.  When tag creation (esp. with many unique tagnames)
    was briefly increased to on the order of 5/sec over 12 hours, its
    main SELECT was unworkably slow.  This should get it back to
    responding in 1 second or less even in such cases.
Commits on Aug 27, 2008
  1. @tvroom
  2. @tvroom
  3. @tvroom
Commits on Aug 26, 2008
  1. Teach API the difference between element-based functions and arbitrar…

    …y functions
    Also collapse APIs parameters down to one options struct; new API(...) now
    returns the completely constructed api object itself, ready for use.  No need to
    call .api() anymore, e.g.,
    	TagUI.tag_server = new API({ name: 'tag_server', element_api: {...
    Now extends jQuery automatically if you've defined the top-level option
    'extend_jquery_wrapper' to either true or the extended constructor function you
    want when the constructor form is applied to a selection.  Now also extends the
    jQuery object _itself_ with the api object (if requested with top-level option
    'extend_jquery') so you can, e.g.,
    Unit-tests updated to match.
Commits on Aug 25, 2008
  1. TagUI.tag_responder: using the new API facility, comes with unit-tests

    This does _not_ yet replace the existing responder in tagui.js.  I'm testing and
    committing all the components first.  When I'm happy with them, I'll switch the
    clients over to use the componentized implementation.  Unit-tests in
  2. Add new JS facility: API, also introducing unit-tests for JS

    API helps modularize your JS and reduce your namespace footprint.  You define a
    single API with functions that operate on elements, and take arbitrary
    additional parameters.  API then can attach that interface onto elements,
    `namespaced' by your API name. For example:
    	var my_stuff_api = new API('my_stuff', {
    		foo: function( elem, x, y, z ){
    		bar: function( elem ){
    		baz: function( elem, options ){
    	MyStuff = my_stuff.api();
    With that in place, you can now access foo, bar, and baz like so:
, 'orange');
    A construct can be supplied, or else is made for you.
    	my_stuff_api.construct(elem, ...)
    Though you normally reach this via the object returned by api(); here, MyStuff,
    is another name for the above constructor.  The constructor will forward to your
    API from an element:
    	MyStuff(elem); // attach my api to elem'orange');
    Finally, you can extend jQuery with your API.
    		my_stuff__baz({ sizeLimit: 20 });
    The rules are slightly more complicated, and may best be observed in the
    unit-tests (e.g., specifically defining constructors, both in the base API and
    and when called through jQuery; and which elements will be affected in those
Commits on Aug 22, 2008
  1. tag wrap - not rap - wikka wikka

    Wes Moran authored
Commits on Aug 21, 2008
  1. @pudge


    pudge authored
  2. For admins only, add a 'note' signal in hose entry titles

    It's not a button, just a flag.
  3. @pudge


    pudge authored
  4. @pudge
  5. @pudge

    Make IE 7 work for D2, change errorLog()

    pudge authored
    Make errorLog() put all errors on one line for easier grepping
    Make D2 work for IE7 (still not for IE <= 6)
  6. @tvroom

    firehose rss links

    tvroom authored
Commits on Aug 20, 2008
  1. Implement a tiny plugin for jQuery: $.TextSelection

    ...necessary for upcoming fix to prevent the tagui autocomplete field/menu from
    dropping selection/focus/visibility on hose refresh.
  2. @tvroom

    fix title for idle articles

    tvroom authored
  3. @tvroom
  4. @tvroom

    Change how firehose is titled

    tvroom authored
  5. @tvroom
  6. @tvroom
  7. @tvroom

    Add idle slashboxes to rotation

    tvroom authored
  8. TagUI: bring back the disclosure triangle for anonymous == login

    ...and simplify the template logic now that we have a tags_canwrite_stories and
    else fork.
  9. Restore the original layout of the firehose tag-widget

    That is ---
    	collapsed:	triangle,             top, system, signoff
    	expanded:	triangle, edit,	user, top, system, signoff, busy
    	collapsed:	triangle,             top, system
    	expanded:	triangle, edit,	user, top, system,          busy
    	only mode:	                      top, system
    Within the 'system' bar, the elements are: datatype, section, topic.
    I think this order is much more natural, and it's what we originally envisioned.
Commits on Aug 19, 2008
  1. Teach ajaxSetGetCombinedTags to limit its search; get tags right at t…

    …emplate time
    ajaxSetGetCombinedTags will now fetch only system and top tags when you don't
    supply a user.  This makes it perfect for filling in the templates which don't
    initially show user tags.
    Added a non-ajax interface, setGetCombinedTags, parallel to the's
    ajaxSetGetCombinedTags functionality; which we now call from the appropriate
    places in  We still call the old $fh->getFirehHoseTagsTop,
    though---I've given the template parameters different names---so anything still
    using tags_top will continue to function.  We don't need to worry about caching,
    because dispFireHose does it for us!
    In the near future, I may further split <system> tags into datatype, section,
    main topic, topics, so that I can implement the drag-and-drop facility.
  2. When meta-moderating: nod/nix immediately rolls up the comment, no su…

    firehose_handle_comment_nodnix previously relied on the more general
    firehose_handle_nodnix to: (a) set the context; and (b) fix the +/- capsule.
    At Jamie's suggestion, we now _don't_ want to set the context (i.e., offer no
    suggestions), just immediately "roll-up" the comment.  So we no longer call
    firehose_handle_nodnix, and instead (a) clear the context ourselves; (b) fix the
    vote state (+/- capsule) ourselves; and finally (c) roll up the comment with
    Now that the special comment version doesn't call the general case, we can strip
    out the special handling that firehose_handle_nodnix supplied for us, allowing
    us to pass in the desired context name.
  3. Enable the new tagui for Idle

  4. updates to m2text

    Timothy Vroom authored
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