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Commits on Oct 24, 2008
  1. @pudge


    pudge authored
  2. Add firehose menu item to users22

    Timothy Vroom authored
  3. @tvroom
  4. @pudge


    pudge authored
Commits on Oct 23, 2008
  1. @pudge


    pudge authored
  2. Added friends datapane

    Christopher Brown authored
    userInfo2: Added friends datapane
  3. @tvroom
  4. @tvroom
  5. @tvroom
  6. Fixed the 'MISSING MISC DATA SEGMENT' bug.

    Christopher Brown authored
  7. Fixed a typo which was causing a slashbox-related bug.

    Christopher Brown authored
  8. userInfo2: Tags slashbox and menu bugfix

    Christopher Brown authored Fixed the redirect on ^username/friends
  9. users2: Fixed a bug that was causing shill skins to display based on

    Christopher Brown authored
    the user, not requested user
    userInfo2: Removed the bio box's footer.
  10. simplfying note

    Weston Moran authored
  11. simplfying note

    Weston Moran authored
  12. simplfying note

    Weston Moran authored
Commits on Oct 22, 2008
  1. @pudge
  2. @pudge


    pudge authored
  3. @pudge
  4. @pudge
  5. @pudge

    Fix journal introtext again

    pudge authored
  6. Added a hook for ^username/tags

    Christopher Brown authored Now includes shill_id in header()
            Bug fixes for comments, journals, tags and submissions data
            Submissions now include RSS feeds
            adminblock dropdown should no longer display an error
            Added active classes to menu items
            Added UID to Bio box's title
            Removed 'Latest' from slashboxes
            Submissions and latest thing now include RSS feeds
  7. @tvroom

    Slashdot upgrades reminder

    tvroom authored
  8. @tvroom
  9. @tvroom

    Fix for css caching

    tvroom authored
  10. BugFix: nod/nix js bustage

  11. @jamiemccarthy

    Negative admin tag commands affect opposite tags

    jamiemccarthy authored
    Now all negative admin tag commands (_, #, ## etc., and as
    appropriate ^) affect all opposite tags equally and in the
    same way.  This works generically for both regular opposite
    tags ("!foo") and specials.  For ^, the opposite tags are
    reduced in clout the same way (up to that moment, not beyond).
    The clout-reduction effects of # etc. are not propagated to
    those who tagged the opposite way.
Commits on Oct 21, 2008
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