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Commits on Dec 2, 2003
  1. @tvroom
  2. @pudge


    pudge authored
  3. @pudge

    Update up/sc

    pudge authored
  4. @pudge

    Bad syntax

    pudge authored
  5. @tvroom
  6. @tvroom

    Added handling for "from" which allows a user to enter who the gift

    tvroom authored
    is being given by.  This value is then used in the e-mail sent to
    the receiving user.
  7. @tvroom
  8. @tvroom
  9. @pudge

    Some refactoring; add in code to redirect from dynamic to static if A…

    pudge authored
    …C user and referrer is not from us
Commits on Dec 1, 2003
  1. @pudge

    Make linkComment non-inherited stuff undef, not '' ... shouldn't caus…

    pudge authored
    …e any problems, but you never know; I looked around and saw nothing that would be a problem.
  2. @jamiemccarthy

    The old var "authors_unlimited" was set up to allow admins/authors to

    jamiemccarthy authored
    moderate and delete comments if their seclev was above that in the var.
    But it was poorly implemented, with the seclev minimum being hardcoded
    in one place at 100, in another at 1000, and with there being a third
    place where author-ship was also tested.
    Those problems have been fixed, and two new ACLs are also added to allow
    finer-grained control of those two abilities:  "modpoints_always" and
    "candelcomments_always".  (Most sites won't need these since any admins
    with seclev >= authors_unlimited will still have both.  But the option
    is now there.)
    In an earlier version of this code, "modpoints_always" was spelled
    In an upcoming version of this code, the ability to delete comments, which
    is now mostly coded in templates with a 3- or 4- clause IF that gets
    copy-and-pasted in multiple places, will be pulled into a separate
    utility function and just passed into the templates as "can_del", like
    "can_mod" is now.
    In another upcoming version of this code (stay tuned), discussion-specific
    abilities will be possible by adding ACLs in the format "modpoints_###"
    where ### is the numeric id of the discussion in question.
  3. @jamiemccarthy

    Caught up with docs/INSTALL.pod: notes on mod_gzip, options in my.cnf,

    jamiemccarthy authored
    comment on perl 5.8 and a few other minor things, and a big section on
    boa which might or might not be correct :)
  4. @jamiemccarthy

    Notes on mod_gzip, options in my.cnf, and a big section on boa which

    jamiemccarthy authored
    might or might not be correct :)
Commits on Nov 26, 2003
  1. <title> tweakage for forum-using sites

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
  2. pater is a dumbass, and confused arrays with hashrefs

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
Commits on Nov 25, 2003
  1. Added a new function for forums

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
  2. fix to selectComments for forums

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
  3. Fixed forum preview bug where section dropdown disappeared

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
  4. @pudge

    Misc. fixes

    pudge authored
  5. @pudge

    misc. stuff

    pudge authored
  6. @pudge

    Misc. updates

    pudge authored
  7. @tvroom

    New file to display recent mods

    tvroom authored
  8. @tvroom
  9. @tvroom

    Added stats_type for Relocate plugin so stats can be gathered for ind…

    tvroom authored
    or groups of links
    Added topic stats
    Added subscriber crawling warnings
  10. @tvroom
  11. @tvroom

    Added new handling for changed passwords links

    tvroom authored
    New string comparison virtual methods
    New handling of moderation selection and display
  12. @tvroom
  13. @tvroom
  14. @tvroom

    Password Changes -- now require old password to change password

    tvroom authored
    New menu options
    New moderation information displayed
Commits on Nov 24, 2003
  1. s/>/gt in countTotalVisibleKids

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
Commits on Nov 19, 2003
  1. removed mode select for child mode for forums

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
  2. New db functions for forums

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
  3. added child mode for forums

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
  4. fixed broken bg colors on shtml skyscraper ads

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
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