Commits on Jun 22, 2000
  1. Changes to make moderatorlog aware that a moderation has actually been

    Xliff committed Jun 22, 2000
    performed since there are cases when we do wish to log moderation but
    NOT have it made active. (as is the case with moderating a comment when
    it is already at the maximum or minimum score - we still want those
    moderations subject to M2).
    All scripts dealing with moderatorlog EXCEPT for are now aware
    of this change. shouldn't need to be changed for this issue.
    Future changes to are expected, however.
  2. Whoops, escape '$_'

    pudge committed Jun 22, 2000
  3. The <UPDATE> tag in the submission/story editor now prints AM/PM with…

    Xliff committed Jun 22, 2000
    … the
    associated time.
Commits on Jun 21, 2000
  1. Removed code that was inserted to stop the shennanigans that went on

    Xliff committed Jun 21, 2000
    during the 'gradschool' poll on Slashdot. The poll will be archived and
    removed from the database.
  2. In this commit...

    Xliff committed Jun 21, 2000
    -  All instances of '-1' and '5' when it comes to comment
    scores have been changed to $I{comment_minscore} and
    $I{comment_maxscore} respectively. The appropriate entries have been
    entered into
    - Multiple moderation on one comment by the same user is now disallowed.
    - When editing a story, that story's title now appears in the brower's
    - Section articles appearing on main page now have an ADDITIONAL link to
    the section's homepage on the "Read More" line.
    - When editing a submission, that submission's title (and eventually,
    the name of the story it will become) now appears in the browser's
    titlebar. This is useful for admins who open lots of windows at once
    when dealing with submissions and like to cover most of the window or
    roll it up and yet still see what window belongs to what operation.
    - Moderation used to be allowed if an author was logged in as an AUTHOR but
    not as a user. Now moderation form elements will NOT show for any UID
    that is not positive.
Commits on Jun 19, 2000
  1. More formkey fixes (AC cookies)

    pudge committed Jun 19, 2000
Commits on Jun 16, 2000
Commits on Jun 15, 2000
Commits on Jun 14, 2000
  1. minor update

    pudge committed Jun 14, 2000
Commits on Jun 13, 2000
  1. contributions from madmag

    pudge committed Jun 13, 2000
  2. doc updates for 1.0.5

    pudge committed Jun 13, 2000
  3. add export TZ=GMT

    pudge committed Jun 13, 2000
Commits on Jun 12, 2000
  1. Minor bugs from last revision

    pudge committed Jun 12, 2000
  2. fixed WIDTH in datadumps for slashhead.gif and slashslogan.gif; new v…

    pudge committed Jun 12, 2000
    …ersion of slashhead.gif
  3. Minor cleanup

    pudge committed Jun 12, 2000
Commits on Jun 10, 2000
  1. With respect to last changes:

    Xliff committed Jun 10, 2000
    	- Used wrong fg index (was 0, should be 3 for title)
    	- Didn't use $I{rootdir} in URL
    These issues have been addressed.
    CHANGES file updated.
  2. Added a link to a sections index on main page display in the title

    Xliff committed Jun 10, 2000
    of the article ie an article
    "Ask Slashdot: Your Average Question?"
    the "Ask Slashdot" part would be a link to
Commits on Jun 9, 2000
  1. Remove duplicate entry

    pudge committed Jun 9, 2000