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Commits on Jul 11, 2000
  1. @pudge
Commits on Jul 10, 2000
  1. @Xliff

    Removed UID display from for those users with an as…

    Xliff authored
    of 10 or greater. We now print the moderation id instead, but we could
    just yank this message entirely...which might still happen
  2. @pudge
  3. @pudge
  4. @Xliff
  5. @Xliff - If title goes over 35 length, ellipsis added (minor)

    Xliff authored - Corrections between old variable $I{m2_maxkarma} and it's
    replacement $I{m2_maxbonus}
  6. @pudge

    More fixurl() fixes

    pudge authored
  7. @pudge
  8. @pudge
Commits on Jul 7, 2000
  1. @Xliff
  2. @pudge
  3. @pudge

    Remove megamode call

    pudge authored
  4. @Xliff

    'link' is lame.

    Xliff authored
  5. @pudge

    Make password 20 chars

    pudge authored
  6. @pudge

    Don't allow author editing for low seclev in; add new method…

    pudge authored
    … for URI to Slash::redirect()
Commits on Jul 5, 2000
  1. @Xliff

    Oops! Left a bit out.

    Xliff authored
  2. @Xliff

    * More counts added for M2, now in addition to counting the number of

    Xliff authored
    	times a user is voted fair or unfair, we also count the times a user VOTES
    	fair or unfair. The last pair of numbers can be used to determine if
    	your Slash metamoderation system is being abused. (This adds 2 new columns
    	to users_info: m2fairvotes and m2unfairvotes)
    *	Changes to the moderation system, these can be summed up by
    	describing the following new variables added to
    		m2_maxunfair: Float from 0 to 1. This number determines the percentage
                          of unfair votes that indicates abuse. The user performing
                          M2 will quietly be assessed a karma penalty and their
                          votes will be ignored if their percentage of unfair
                          votes equals or exceeds this value.
    		m2_toomanyunfair: Float from 0 to 1. This number determines the
                              percentage of unfair votes that indicates POSSIBLE
                              abuse of the system. If the percentage of unfair
                              votes exceeds this value then these votes are
                              ignored. No penalty is assessed.
    		m2_mincheck: Integer. Number of comments which have to be voted on
                         before the above checks are performed.
    		m2_comments: Number of comment moderations to be displayed in a single
                         M2 session.
    		m2_bonus: Amount of karma to be awarded upon completion of M2.
    		m2_penalty: Amount of karma to be subtracted if M2 is abused.
    		m2_maxbonus: Karma maximum from M2. If a user's karma exceeds this
                         value, then said user receives no further bonus
                         for his participation.
    *	Added the 'flag' column in metamodlog. This indicates how an M2 session
    	was treated and is a good way to check for possible M2 problems. Currently
    	flag can be the following values:
            0 - No detected problems with M2.
            1 - Questionable M2. Votes ignored.
            2 - Abuse of M2. Votes ignored and UID penalized.
    *	Renamed variables:
            'goodkarma_limit' is now 'goodkarma'
            'badkarma_limit' is now 'badkarma'
    *	User's ID (UID) added to comment headers.
    Still abstracting variables into, rather getting what's
    already in properly integrated into the code. I'm still
    having slight problems with it, in particular, Slash's comment counting
    code (as it relates to the hitparade field in the stories table).
Commits on Jun 30, 2000
  1. @Xliff
Commits on Jun 29, 2000
  1. @pudge

    Add parameter to Slash::fixurl() to signal that data should be

    pudge authored
    encoded to be safe as a query string parameter
  2. @pudge
  3. @pudge
  4. @pudge
  5. @pudge

    Added <rss></rss> to newrdf()

    pudge authored
  6. @pudge
Commits on Jun 27, 2000
  1. @Xliff

    Fixed SourceForge Bug #108355

    Xliff authored
    Fixed a small problem in in the topic editor where, if the topic
    images directory is empty, the code would print a <SELECT> list with 0
    items. It now prints a warning with a textbox containing the current
    filename instead.
Commits on Jun 26, 2000
  1. @pudge
  2. @pudge
Commits on Jun 25, 2000
  1. @Xliff

    By request from CmdrTaco: added in counting fields for M2 into users_…

    Xliff authored
    table - m2fair and m2unfair
Commits on Jun 23, 2000
  1. @Xliff

    Abstracted more values out of so that simple changes in

    Xliff authored are all that will be needed rather than messing with
    More of this will be done with when I can finally start
    working on it.
    Added to goodkarma_limit, badkarma_limit
Commits on Jun 22, 2000
  1. @CaptTofu

    v1_0_5_3 quickfixes

    CaptTofu authored
  2. @Xliff
  3. @Xliff

    Fixed problem when sectional links on the "Read More" line mistakenly

    Xliff authored
    appeared on the sectional homepages.
  4. @Xliff
  5. @Xliff

    Changes to make moderatorlog aware that a moderation has actually been

    Xliff authored
    performed since there are cases when we do wish to log moderation but
    NOT have it made active. (as is the case with moderating a comment when
    it is already at the maximum or minimum score - we still want those
    moderations subject to M2).
    All scripts dealing with moderatorlog EXCEPT for are now aware
    of this change. shouldn't need to be changed for this issue.
    Future changes to are expected, however.
  6. @pudge

    Whoops, escape '$_'

    pudge authored
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