Commits on Jul 31, 2000
  1. Doc updates

    pudge committed Jul 31, 2000
  2. Don't need that module there

    pudge committed Jul 31, 2000
Commits on Jul 28, 2000
  1. Addresses SourceForge Bug #110170. All double-quotes in submission co…

    Xliff committed Jul 28, 2000
    are now converted to single quotes upon insertion into the database.
    Browsers just don't handle double-quotes well enough to allow there use
    via an input-box that's supposed to display its own content.
Commits on Jul 26, 2000
Commits on Jul 24, 2000

    Xliff committed Jul 24, 2000
    Changed to insure that $I{maxkarma} is set and that it is greater than
    Added maxkarma check. Also added $I{submission_bonus}.
    Added maxkarma check.
    Updated M2 check to agree with the one in, this check should be
    moved from the .pl files and into so we don't have this problem
    Added instructions explaining the '-' usernames. Added $I{m2_percentage}.
    Also slightly enhanced karma bonus code so that if a bonus would take you
    over the limit, the score will now be set to the limit.
    Users can now see their own point values, and not the point values of anyone
Commits on Jul 21, 2000
  1. Fixed problems in SQL data dump where users_info INSERT statements were

    Xliff committed Jul 21, 2000
    not populating the M2 counting fields. This problem could cause
    'formkey' errors.
    Bug reported by Anthony Micthell <>
Commits on Jul 13, 2000
Commits on Jul 12, 2000
  1. Doc update

    pudge committed Jul 12, 2000
  2. Text cleanup

    pudge committed Jul 12, 2000
  3. Minor changes. Readded date checking code to -- this was ori…

    Xliff committed Jul 12, 2000
    …ginally a patch WAY back to Slash 1.0.2 which got lost in the shuffle.
  4. Text cleanup

    pudge committed Jul 12, 2000
  5. fixurl / fixparam fixes

    pudge committed Jul 12, 2000
  6. Removed spurious entries for user with uid "7" in users_ tables in

    pudge committed Jul 12, 2000
Commits on Jul 11, 2000
  1. OOPS! Left out the definition of the new database fields for 1.0.6 out

    Xliff committed Jul 11, 2000
    of the creation file! DOH!
Commits on Jul 10, 2000
  1. Removed UID display from for those users with an as…

    Xliff committed Jul 10, 2000
    of 10 or greater. We now print the moderation id instead, but we could
    just yank this message entirely...which might still happen
  2. - If title goes over 35 length, ellipsis added (minor)

    Xliff committed Jul 10, 2000 - Corrections between old variable $I{m2_maxkarma} and it's
    replacement $I{m2_maxbonus}
  3. More fixurl() fixes

    pudge committed Jul 10, 2000
Commits on Jul 7, 2000
  1. Remove megamode call

    pudge committed Jul 7, 2000
  2. 'link' is lame.

    Xliff committed Jul 7, 2000