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tag: v1_1_5_0

Mar 02, 2001

  1. Brian Aker

    New version

    BrianAker authored
  2. Brian Aker

    Fixed search with users

    BrianAker authored
  3. Chris Nandor

    Small fix

    pudge authored
  4. Chris Nandor

    Doc updates

    pudge authored
  5. Chris Nandor

    Doc updates

    pudge authored
  6. Brian Aker

    Changes (little bits of bugfixes).

    BrianAker authored
  7. Chris Nandor

    Doc updates

    pudge authored
  8. Chris Nandor

    Doc updated

    pudge authored
  9. Chris Nandor

    Fix Makefile.PL to ignore .pl files

    pudge authored
  10. Chris Nandor

    s/=>/>=/ ...

    pudge authored
  11. Chris Nandor

    Added Symbol::gensym for export

    pudge authored
  12. Brian Aker

    Changed some table types.

    BrianAker authored
  13. Brian Aker

    Removed newcomments

    BrianAker authored
  14. Chris Nandor

    Change to strip_literal

    pudge authored
  15. Patrick Galbraith

    template-tool - put logic to make sure it inserts the template or prints

    out a message if it fails.
    CaptTofu authored
  16. Brian Aker

    Small fixes to templates

    BrianAker authored
  17. Patrick Galbraith

    removed newcomments and any references to it.

    CaptTofu authored
  18. Jamie McCarthy

    A new Slash::DB can't be created someplace where it will go out of scope

    before the installation process is complete.  Since we're using
    connect_cached, the Slash::DB object actually gets the same DBH as the
    Slash::Install object itself, and when it goes out of scope both DBHs
    get disconnected.  So, it's now an instance variable that persists for
    the life of the Slash::Install object.
    jamiemccarthy authored

Mar 01, 2001

  1. Fixed another problem with my Makefile changes

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
  2. Xliff

    Better handling of installation when no replacement is necessary. Bas…

    we install all perl files (with optional replacement of the invocation
    line(s)) using the loop and then install everything else afterwards.
    It does work better this way, especially since I've deleted the lines that
    normally install scripts in bin/ and sbin/ and it was silly to reimplement
    them when I could just make the logic more intelligent.
    Of course, it would have been simpler to re-implement the lines already
    deleted, but this route gives package maintaners more flexibility.
    Xliff authored
  3. Xliff

    More minor changes.

    Xliff authored
  4. Xliff

    Added more descriptions with various user fields (m2*, noboxes)

    Xliff authored
  5. Xliff

    Up-to-date copy of Makefile.NEW that should PROPERLY work without clo…

    anything currently installed in your source tree.
    Xliff authored
  6. Patrick Galbraith

    db docs, initial commit

    CaptTofu authored

Feb 28, 2001

  1. Jamie McCarthy

    Same changes (slashd->slash) as just committed for Makefile.

    jamiemccarthy authored
  2. Jamie McCarthy

    Added missing semicolon.

    jamiemccarthy authored
  3. Jamie McCarthy

    Install my new utils/slash instead of the old utils/slashd (though the

    latter has not been removed from CVS).  If you've done make install
    already, you will want to delete the old init.d/slashd, and
    rc[36].d/[SK]99slashd as well.
    Also, Makefile now correctly checks for Red Hat's /etc/rc.d/init.d/.
    jamiemccarthy authored
  4. Brian Aker

    Fix for displaying users which just one entry has been submitted

    BrianAker authored
  5. Xliff

    Additional fixes to slashcode-dearchve:

    	- Removes backticks from detected nicknames (API has problems
    	with these).
    	- Fixes problems where newlines appeared in the extracted nickname.
    	(along with the extra HTML). This caused problems with nicknames
    	that may have been in the database, but weren't getting found.
    	Fixed minor syntax errors in changes for RPM support.
    	Proposed new makefile which replaces "#!/usr/bin/perl" with
    	whatever is appropriate on the installed system. This file is
    	in alpha state, but please test it out on your systems if you
    	get the chance:
    		make -f Makefile.NEW INIT=... GROUP=... PERL=....
    Xliff authored
  6. Chris Nandor

    Remove last remnants of linking to / creating stories in .shtml pages;

    more version fixes <grin>
    pudge authored
  7. Brian Aker

    Changed connect method.

    BrianAker authored
  8. Added RPM spec file

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
  9. Ack, already found (and fixed) a glitch I put in the Makefile

    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
  10. Updated Makefile to allow for building of RPMs (almost works)

    I shouldn't have broken anything, but let me know if I did.
    Jon 'CowboyNeal' Pater authored
  11. Chris Nandor

    Update version info in modules

    pudge authored
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