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Commits on Mar 14, 2001
  1. @pudge
  2. @pudge
  3. @pudge

    Doc update

    pudge authored
  4. @pudge

    Add template-check

    pudge authored
  5. @pudge

    Fix default path problem

    pudge authored
  6. @pudge

    Fix options

    pudge authored
  7. @pudge

    Final Makefile bugfix

    pudge authored
Commits on Mar 13, 2001
  1. @Xliff
  2. @Xliff
  3. @Xliff

    Try this one, pudge.

    Xliff authored
  4. @Xliff

    More fixes to Makefile.NEW, pudge is reporting problems with the PLUGINS

    Xliff authored
    find variable. Maybe change that to look from the top slash build dir?
  5. @pudge

    Update for 1.1.6 release

    pudge authored
  6. @pudge

    Update module versions

    pudge authored
  7. @BrianAker

    Correction to spelling

    BrianAker authored
  8. @pudge

    Update for 1.1.6 release

    pudge authored
  9. @Xliff

    Corrections for numerous syntax errors (:-O) and other minor issues

    Xliff authored
    surrounding changes needed for indended release. Hopefully this
    installs all necessary scripts with the proper scripts getting replacements
    for things like $(REPLACEWITH) and $(SLASH_PREFIX) which does not occur
    using the original Makefile.
  10. @pudge

    Update for 1.1.6 release

    pudge authored
  11. @pudge
  12. @pudge


    pudge authored
  13. @pudge

    Minor hof fix

    pudge authored
  14. @pudge

    Fix again for anchors

    pudge authored
  15. @pudge
  16. @pudge
  17. @Xliff
  18. @pudge

    Remove utils/slashd

    pudge authored
  19. @pudge

    Misc. doc updates etc. for 1.1.6

    pudge authored
  20. @BrianAker

    Now named slash

    BrianAker authored
  21. @Xliff

    Hopefully have readded $(INIT) support back in. It's not currently

    Xliff authored
    used in the normal Makefile.
  22. @Xliff

    Changes to Makefile.NEW which will allow for the replacement of

    Xliff authored
    /usr/local/slash in scripts that require the proper SLASH_PREFIX
    if a different one is specified.
  23. @CaptTofu

    fix to saveStory in The bug was that when a story was saved by

    CaptTofu authored
    one author for another author, the "also by" would still reflect the
    author who saved it until it was updated. The problem was that the
    nickname being passed to otherLinks was derived from getCurrentUser.
    Changed it to get the nickname from the form->{uid} which is the
    author select when saving the story.
  24. @pudge

    Update for 1.1.6 release3

    pudge authored
Commits on Mar 12, 2001
  1. @jamiemccarthy
  2. @jamiemccarthy
  3. @jamiemccarthy

    The HTML title of the homepage needs to have sitename, not just slogan,

    jamiemccarthy authored
    e.g. "Slashdot: News for News, Stuff that Matters", instead of just
    "News for News, Stuff that Matters."
  4. @jamiemccarthy
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