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TagUI: always install complete tag-ui

Until now, we used firehose_init_tag_ui() the firehose list page (or anything with a #firehoselist),
and tag_ui_init_new_articles() anywhere else (presuming that most fireshose functions won't work on
something that's not the firehose.  With this commit, we:
  - eliminate tag_ui_init_new_articles(); now everything goes through firehose_init_tag_ui()
  - make firehose_init_tag_ui() check for capabilities, e.g., install nod/nix handling if the updown buttons are found
  - relax the constraints on what defines an article, now anything with a class 'article'
  - in the case where #firehoselist isn't found, install click handler directly on each article
  - recognize user.is_admin in a larger context than fh_is_admin
  - process the init_tag_ui template much higher, now right after js includes --- everybody gets it
  - removed a stale plugin from FireHose/PLUGIN
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slashcode TagUI: always install complete tag-ui
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