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AjaxChimp is a jQuery plugin that lets you ajaxify your mailchimp form.

Use this if you hate the jarring transition to the mailchimp website upon submitting an email address to mailchimp.

Note: This relies on an undocumented feature at mailchimp that uses JSONP to allow cross-domain ajax to work. You have been warned. (It has however, been around for at least 3 years that I know of, and probably more.)


Just add the script to your webpage (along with jQuery ofcourse). Get it here:

curl -O


bower install ajaxchimp


  • jQuery

Note: Developed with 1.9.1, but it should work with earlier versions. If it does or does not work with a particular version, please open an issue on github.


On the mailchimp form element



If a label element is included in the form for the email input, then the success or error message will be displayed in it. A valid or error class will also be added accordingly.

Example Form

    <form id="mc-form">
        <input id="mc-email" type="email" placeholder="email">
        <label for="mc-email"></label>
        <button type="submit">Submit</button>
    url: ''



Optionally, you can specify a callback with either method to run after the ajax query to mailchimp succeeds or fails.

    callback: callbackFunction

The JSONP response from mailchimp will be passed to the callback function

function callbackFunction (resp) {
    if (resp.result === 'success') {
        // Do stuff


You can specify the mailchimp URL to post to (or override the url provided on the form element)

    url: 'mailchimp-post-url'

The mailchimp post url will look like this:

Language Support

For success and error messages in different languages:

  • Specify the language as an option.
  • Include jquery.ajaxchimp.langs.js in the html file
    language: 'es'

Note: If the language you want is not supported out of the box, or the translations are wrong, open a pull request with the required language and I will add it in.

You can also add custom translations just for your website:

$ = {
    'submit': 'Grabación en curso...',
    0: 'Te hemos enviado un email de confirmación',
    1: 'Por favor, introduzca un valor',
    2: 'Una dirección de correo electrónico debe contener una sola @',
    3: 'La parte de dominio de la dirección de correo electrónico no es válida (la parte después de la @:)',
    4: 'La parte de usuario de la dirección de correo electrónico no es válida (la parte antes de la @:)',
    5: 'Esta dirección de correo electrónico se ve falso o no válido. Por favor, introduce una dirección de correo electrónico real'

The mapping to english for mailchimp responses and the submit message are as follows:

    // Submit Message
    // 'submit': 'Submitting...'

    // Mailchimp Responses
    // 0: 'We have sent you a confirmation email'
    // 1: 'Please enter a value'
    // 2: 'An email address must contain a single @'
    // 3: 'The domain portion of the email address is invalid (the portion after the @: )'
    // 4: 'The username portion of the email address is invalid (the portion before the @: )'
    // 5: 'This email address looks fake or invalid. Please enter a real email address'