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This is a Safari extension designed to customize the user experience of The Kingdom of Loathing.
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Kingdom of Safari


This is a Safari extension designed to customize the user experience of The Kingdom of Loathing.


  1. Go to the downloads section and grab the latest version of this extension.

  2. Double-click the file you just downloaded. Safari should offer to install it for you.


  • Includes a fully-functional version of Chez's ActiveChat.

  • Adds additional keyboard shortcuts to chat:

    . — Typing a period will grant focus to the chat field.

    / — Typing a forward slash will grant focus to the chat field and enter a slash into the field. This enables the player to just start typing chat commands even if the chat field does not currently have focus.

    CTRL-D — Hitting Control-D when the chat field is active will cause the chat field to lose focus and instead grant focus to the main content pane, allowing the player to immediately continue adventuring.

  • Fixes a KoL focus bug in Safari, which prevented players from using the keyboard to progress through an adventure without clicking on the content frame after each and every page load.


Special thanks go out to:

  • CDMoyer — For everything that he does, including his tabbed chat script, which was the inspiration for ActiveChat.

  • Chez — For his amazing ActiveChat script. This was the script that made me wish that Safari had better support for Greasemonkey scripts.

Version History

  • 1.0.1
    • Fixed a bug with keyboard shortcuts where '/' could cause two slashes to appear in the chat field and '.' could cause a period to be placed at the end of the chat field.
  • 1.0
    • Initial release.
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