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Automated Documentation of Applications with UI Tests

Scenarioo is a tool to leverage the power of your UI tests and to make them available as a documentation of your software system to all people involved in the design, development, test, operation and management of your software system.

Webpage & Documentation

For more information about Scenarioo, see the following resources:

Live Demo

You can see an example Scenarioo documentation and the Scenarioo Viewer Web App in action in our demo:

Downloads & Links

Downloads and more links, even for different releases (like forthcoming release candidates) can be found under Downloads & Links

CI/CD Build Server

Master: Latest Stable Release Build Status

Develop: Current Development State Build Status


Scenarioo is mainly distributed under GNU General Public License, which enables you to use the tool freely.

The Writer Libraries use GNU license with linking exception, for freely linking it even in your commercial products (if needed at all).

Most examples are provided using BSD license, which even allows you to copy these code examples freely.

See LICENSE.txt and further LICENSE-files for different licenses of different components in some subproject folders and especially in our separate library and example repositories, hosted under