How to use the C# Scenarioo Writer Library

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The scenarioo Writer Library helps you to produce user scenario documentations for the scenarioo webapplication out of your UI tests.

The Scenarioo Writer library for C# (source code) is hosted here:

How to install the library

You can simply download the library as a NuGet package from NuGet enables you to install package via the Package Manager Console. Just type following command Install-Package Scenarioo-cs and the library will be installed and is ready for use.

You can get Nuget Package Manager Console for Visual Studio 2013 from following site:

Examples of usage

The interfaces and usage of the C# library should be equal to the Java-version of the Scenarioo Writer library. It contains all needed functionality to write scenarioo documentations from UI tests.

For more information and examples on how to use the scenarioo writer library, we recommend to look at our Java examples, that are explained here

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