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Feature "Diff Viewer"

See what has changed between two builds, including visual comparisons of screenshots.

This is an optional feature that only works if you enable the feature by adding comparisons to config.xml. Also you need to have GraphicsMagick installed for comparisons of the step screenshots.

Feature "Full Text Search"

Full text search for all use cases, scenarios and steps, including search for visible text or even html on your screens.

This is an optional feature that only works if you have Elasticsearch installed and configure the elasticsearch endpoint in config.xml. Once you activated that, you have to reimport existing documentation builds to generate a search index for getting the search on a build activated.

Breaking Changes and Backwards Compatibility

The Scenarioo Viewer Web App requires now Java 8 (before it was Java 6).

Apart from that there are no breaking changes.

The Java Writer Library in use is still version 2.1 which is compatible with Java 6. Also the internal format version is not increased (still 2.1) so that your existing documentation data does not even have to be reimported after the upgrade and will continue to work with the new version.

Fixed issues

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Known issues

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Feedback and Support

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