Assets 3

New Features

  • Diff Viewer Plus for Visual Regression Testing:
    • Dialog in Frontend to calculate comparisons on the fly without need to configure it.
    • Improved REST endpoints to enable triggering comparisons from CI Build Pipelines
    • Comparison calculation is faster without need to install GraphicsMagick anymore
    • Improved comparisons to be less disk consuming
    • Highlight changes is possible in both compared screenshot images
    • Improved comparison view for a step
    • Management view to see all calculated comparisons, error on comparison calculations and trigger recalculations.
  • Many small improvements and simpler configuration of Scenarioo

Please refer to our Changelog for detailed informations about all new features.

Breaking Changes and Backwards Compatibility

This release contains small breaking changes that might have to be considered when updating:
Please refer to our Migration Guide for details about these changes and how to migrate properly.

The Java Writer Library in use is still version 2.1 which is still compatible with Java 6 and upwards.
Also the internal format version is not increased (still 2.1) so that your existing documentation data
does not even have to be reimported after the upgrade and will continue to work with the new version (except for the comparisons).

Fixed Issues

All issues fixed in this release: List of Fixed Issues.

Known Issues

Please visit our List of Known Issues on GitHub.

Feedback and Support

Don't hesitate to open new issues if you find a bug or problem, or have feedback or questions: