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In-situ (real-time) rendering outputs, produced using this repository, of distributed OpenFPM numerical simulations. Both simulations were distributed across 8 compute nodes of a high-performance cluster, with 20 CPU cores for the simulation, and 1 GPU for visualization, per node. The first output visualizes the concentration of a chemical in a 3D Gray-Scott reaction-diffusion simulation. The second output is from a hybrid particle-mesh simulation of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equation in vorticity formulation, initialized as a vortex ring. The magnitude of vorticity is visualized.


A rendering system based on the scenery library that performs real-time in-situ visualization of distributed numerical simulations. It is instrumented to work with simulations based on OpenFPM - an open-source framework for scalable particle- and mesh-based simulations.

The application handles rendering of both volume data (e.g. from mesh-based simulations of fluid dynamics) as well as discrete particles (e.g. from molecular dynamics simulations). The in-situ rendering is initialized and controlled by OpenFPM. This repository, therefore, can not be used standalone.

Volume Rendering

For the rendering of volumetric data, the application performs distributed raycasting. Most of the code relevant for volume rendering can be found in the DistributedVolumeRenderer class. The class relies on some native C++ functions, primarily for MPI communication, implementations of which can be found in the InVis.cpp file of the OpenFPM repository. It further relies on the custom compute shaders VDIGenerator and AccumulateVDI, which are dynamically combined at run time, and PlainImageCompositor. A couple of examples using this application for in situ visualization of volumetric data from OpenFPM simulations are provided in the OpenFPM repository: Reaction-Diffusion example, Fluid Dynamics example.

Particle Rendering

For the visualization of discrete particle-based simulations, this application supports distributed particle-as-sphere rendering. The particle rendering is performed by the InVisRenderer class. An example OpenFPM-based simulation using this application for in situ visualization of discrete particles is also provided in the OpenFPM repository: Molecular Dynamics example.


A scenery-based application for in situ visualization of OpenFPM-based distributed numerical simulations







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