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To use this renderer, set the scenery.Renderer system property to VulkanRenderer, e.g. by passing a command line flag to Java:

java -Dscenery.Renderer=VulkanRenderer

Validation Layers

The Vulkan Renderer supports usage of validation layers. For that, copy the validation layer's DLLs/SOs and JSONs to the working directory, and run with the system property


Device Selection

If you have multiple GPUs installed in your system, the Vulkan Renderer will let you know about the devices it discovered:

[main] INFO VulkanDevice -   0: Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN X (DiscreteGPU, driver version 390.260.0, Vulkan API 1.0.65) (selected)
[main] INFO VulkanDevice -   1: AMD AMD Radeon (TM) R9 Fury Series (DiscreteGPU, driver version 1.7.0, Vulkan API 1.0.54) 

By default, it'll use the first device discovered. You can override this by setting the system property


where id is the number in front of the device in the log, as exemplified above.