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skalarproduktraum committed May 24, 2019
1 parent f9bc548 commit 4e5087a65d76cd1c330991c8ee722b22d00cafec
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* Added unit tests for InputHandler
* Added FauxRenderer for unit tests
* Camera: Do not cull TextBoards
* SceneryBase: If SCENERY_DEMO_FILES is unset, try current working directory
* SceneryBase: If environment variable `SCENERY_DEMO_FILES` is unset, try current working directory

## Fixes

* InputHandler: Fix issue where getting the default settings would trigger an exception which would stop scenery from initialising correctly
* Update lighting in tests after discovery of HDR scaling bug
* Node/HasGeometry/OpenGLRenderer/VulkanRenderer: Use buffer views instead of raw buffers consequently
* SceneryBase: Fix NodePublisher and NodeSubscriber not shutting down on close()

## Dependency Updates

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