SKPopMenu: Swift tile-based menu for SpriteKit
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SKPopMenu 🎈

Swift tile-based menu for SpriteKit


  • Supports 1-6 menu items
  • Customize each menu item with a color and a label or sprite.


Drag and drop SKPopMenu.swift into your Xcode project


In your SKScene, add the following:

let pop = SKPopMenu(numberOfSections:6, sceneFrame: self.frame)

Note: If you choose an odd number of items, the top-most item will be fullscreen width.

To set all sections to the same color:


To set a specific color to section 1:

pop.setSectionColor(1, color: SKColor.magentaColor())

To change the text label of section 3:

let myLabel = SKLabelNode()
myLabel.text = “hello”
pop.setSectionLabel(3, label:label)

To add a sprite to section 5:

pop.setSectionSprite(5, sprite:SKSpriteNode(imageNamed:”pop”)

To change the name of section 6:

pop.setSectionName(6, text:”Contact”)

To show the menu:

pop.slideUp(0.2) // duration is NSTimeInterval

To hide the menu:

pop.slideDown(0.2) // duration is NSTimeInterval

Show/hide example:

override func touchesBegan(touches: Set<UITouch>, withEvent event: UIEvent?) {
  if pop.isShowing {
  } else {

Delegate methods (optional)

Add the protocol to your SKScene’s class definition:

GameScene: SKScene, PopMenuDelegate {}
Remember to set pop.popMenuDelegate = self

To get notified when a section is tapped:

func sectionTapped(index:Int, name:String) {
  if pop.sections[index].name == "email" {
    // email section tapped

To get notified when the menu has appeared/disappeared:

func popMenuDidAppear() {
  // pop menu appeared
func popMenuDidDisappear() {
  // pop menu... wait for it... disappeared 😱