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  1. Name (Project heading) : CrackIt
  2. Remote Centre ID(RC_ID) : 1043
  3. College / Institute Name : Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology
  4. City, State, Pin Code : Surat, Gujarat 395 001.
  5. Name/'s of the Student : Prof. Jaydeep J. Gheewala, Team Members: Rahul Kalkani, Vishal Bhingradiya, Piyush Patel, Harsh Kevadiya


CrackIT is first-of-its kind tablet application in its category with facility to practice any competitive exam (Of MCQ Format). Its really an outstanding way of preparing your self for any kind of exam.

It is a platform where with predefined formatted question-set. you can prepare your selft for any MCQ Based exam whether they are competitive exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, CMAT, XAT, SNAP or entrance exams like JEE, VIT or any civil service based exam like UPSC or any school level exams and many more.

One can load content from various question banks now exclusively available across the Internet using this Android app. CrackIT is solely built in such a way that user has the provision to create exam on his own & can rate him/her self by giving those exams into this incredibly simple and amazingly helpful application. One can track his progress by seeing the previous results. CrackIT is first-of-its kind tablet application in its category with beautifully designed and pleasing interface. Here,Students have one more reason to love their Android Tablets!

How to install

Simple and recommended install procedure

  1. Get installation crackit.apk file from
  2. Open crackit.apk file and allow required permissions.
  3. Open application from application menu.


For CrackIT User Manual, click on following link

For Video Tutorial click on following Link



Distributed under GNU GPL Version 3

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