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The Mapsources extension tries to incorporate Toolserver's
geohack capabilities into MediaWiki. The objectives are to:

* Spread load and traffic from Toolserver's geohack over the
  Wikimedia server farm,
* increase availability and decrease response time,
* allow squids to cache anonymous users' queries,
* allow mapsources template to be shown in the user's skin,
* allow mapsources template to make use of parser functions
  and other goodies and
* enable dump reusers to use coordinates without setting up
  a separate Toolserver.

Intermediate term objective is to:

- Allow users to configure that they will be:
  - immediately redirected/redirected after a x second delay
  - to:
    - Mapservice A for coordinates in region CH,
    - Mapservice B for coordinates in region DE-HH,
    - Mapservice C for coordinates in region DE and
    - Mapservice D for all others.

To install the Mapsources extension, you have to copy it to
extensions/Mapsources/ beneath your MediaWiki root and en-
able it in LocalSettings.php by:

| require_once ("$IP/extensions/Mapsources/Mapsources.php");

You have to create a mapsources template at
[[Template:Mapsources]] as well. A good starting point is to
import [[Template:GeoTemplate]] from your favourite geohack-
using wiki and replace all '{PARAMETER}' with
'{{{PARAMETER}}}'. Some minor polishing is also needed,
e. g. enabling the ParserFunctions extension if your tem-
plate uses them and cleaning up the layout.

  If you have any questions, please contact me at or



- '{nztmeasting}'/'{nztmnorthing}' was always replaced with
  "0" and therefore has been disabled.
- The URL parameter "title" has been replaced by "pagetitle"
  as "title" is used by MediaWiki.
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