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General information

The goal of project in the course "Introduction to Software Engineering (ESE)" is to offer a concrete and practical contact with the phases, techniques, and artefacts of an iterative and incremental software development process.

The lecture builds upon knowledge acquired in P1 and P2:

  • P1 was about programming: what is a programming language and what is a program
  • P2 was about development: how can we design a solution which follows the state of the art and what are the best programming practices?
  • ESE is about software engineering: how can we work in a team to deliver products which meet customer’s expectations

During the project, a concrete software is created through teamwork and it needs to be delivered as a product at the end of the semester — and this is really fun and cool :)

The final grade will be composed from 60% exam + 40% project.

Exercise Schedule

Week Date Exercise Hour Activity Assignment
deadline is always on following Tuesday @ 23h45
Project State
1 20‑Sep‑17 Intro, Maven, Spring MVC, ORM Getting started
2 27‑Sep‑17 Project, Teamwork Write a software requirements specification kick-off
3 04‑Oct‑17 Meetings
4 11‑Oct‑17 Meetings
5 18‑Oct‑17 Meetings
6 25‑Oct‑17 Meetings Crash your opponent Milestone 1: Penne
7 01‑Nov‑17 Meetings
8 08‑Nov‑17 Meetings Make a usability test
9 15‑Nov‑17 Meetings
10 22‑Nov‑17 Meetings Milestone 2: Sugo
11 29‑Nov‑17 Meetings
12 06‑Dec‑17 Meetings
13 13‑Dec‑17 Project presentations
Team 2, Team 3, Team 6, Team 9
Milestone 3: Parmigiano
14 20‑Dec‑17 Project presentations
Team 1, Team 4, Team 7, Team 8
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