Task 3 Crash Your Opponent

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For the coming week, your team will be assigned a project from another team. You need to find at least three bugs in their project and report them using the issue tracker of that project. These bugs should be non-trivial. Typos, alignments, UI design flaws do not count.



  • Write test cases that demonstrate the bug.
  • Inspect the code.
  • Try the website yourselves exhaustively until you crash it or get wrong results.
  • Use your knowledge about the bugs in your own code to reveal other's bugs.

What to report?

Bug reports should contain all the necessary information needed to reproduce the bug. Ideally, you should include as many of the following:

  • Failing test cases
  • Steps to reproduce the bug
  • Stack traces
  • Expected and observed behavior (what's wrong)
  • The reason behind the bug (if you know)
  • The location of the bug (if you know)
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