Task 4 Usability Test

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For next week, you are going to design usability tests and run them by your customer during the meeting. As you learned in the lecture, a usability test is a use case scenario that exercises a certain feature of the application. The task should be clear and the success criteria should be explicit. For instance: "create a tour" is not a good task. A better version is: "Create a tour with a stop in Luzern and one in Zurich. Assign to the driver Peter.".

Make sure to design your tasks to take no more than 30 minutes.


  • Fix the bugs reported by your reviewers.
  • Make sure your application is clean from any major bugs. Nothing is worse for usability than crashing application :)
  • Create a directory in your project directory called "usability". Write down your usability tasks in a document called "scenarios" under the "usability" directory.


Here is a cool and quick tutorial on how to do it, but feel free to look around: http://www.usabilityfirst.com/usability-methods/usability-testing/

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