Task 5 Project Presentation

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Prepare a presentation of your project to the fellow students, lecturers, and assistants. The presentation should show what you did during the semester, putting the cool parts in the spotlight that make your project unique and useful. Tell a story, demo your project, and give some insights and learnings from your experience. These could answer some of the questions: How did your organize your team? How did you distribute work? What worked surprisingly well/bad? Which changes did you apply in your development process, how did they turn out? What would you do differently in your next project?

The presentation should not be much longer than 10 minutes. Make sure that it is not too technical, but rather presents the user stories you implemented and showcase some scenarios that are relevant and supported by your project.

Make sure that you test your presentation (test the beamer and take the adapters you need with you!) and in the best case have backup solutions like a screencast should your project not run or the network connection fails. Upload the slides and other assets of the presentation to your repository.

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