This repository contains important material to get started with the project
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ESE 2018

This repository contains important material (presentations, project description, schedule) to get started with the project.

General information

The goal of project in the course "Introduction to Software Engineering (ESE)" is to offer a concrete and practical contact with the phases, techniques, and artefacts of an iterative and incremental software development process.

The lecture builds upon knowledge acquired in P1 and P2:

  • P1 was about programming: what is a programming language and what is a program
  • P2 was about development: how can we design a solution which follows the state of the art and what are the best programming practices?
  • ESE is about software engineering: how can we work in a team to deliver products which meet customer’s expectations

During the project, a concrete software is created through teamwork and it needs to be delivered as a product at the end of the semester — and this is really fun and cool :)

The final grade will be composed from 60% exam + 40% project.

Register for the course through the form and register on Piazza until Sunday night, 23.09.2018.


This year we will build a 'Job Portal' as a web application where external companies can post their job offers, and university students can apply subsequently to those job postings. We, the course assitants (total 4) will act as clients and students will act as developers.

Project organization

Students/participants will be divided into small groups (each group will have roughly 3-4 students). Each group will build the software independently. One student from each group will act as a Product Owner (PO), to which we will release the requirements. PO will then describe the reqirements to his/her fellow developers.

The total duration for the project is 12 weeks. First 4 weeks will be given to learn technologies and clear concepts, also to start developing. The project will be developed as a series of features. Project will have three milestones (see wiki), at each milestone we will evaluate and retrospect the progress made. Total 8 features will be built by students, out of which one will be a surprise feature by students. The team with best surprise feature will win a gift from us!

Further information

Refer project wiki for further information about technologies used, useful presentations, and getting started guide.