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WForensic (0.3)
* Custom 404 & 405 error pages
* Show group members and messages count
* Added language detection by using (Internet access required! WARNING: Conversations fragments will be sent to
* Template error fixed (major bug...)
* Improved and scripts
-- Chema Garcia <> (18/11/2012)
WForensic (0.2)
* Updated attachments thumbnails display
* Shows if the involved files are writable or not
* Messages sorted by received date
* Removed '' tool and a new one created ('') to decrypt and encrypt
* Index layout has been modified
* Added script to run the DJango server (
* View contacts profile
* The files wa.db and msgstore.db must be now placed into "databases/" directory
* Added support to download the entire contact list in XML format
* Fixed Base64 decode issue
* Added "tools/" script to merge many msgstore.db files into a single one
* wa.db contacts database is no longer required
-- Chema Garcia <> (14/10/2012)
WForensic (0.1b)
* First release
-- Chema Garcia <> (08/05/2012)