An Objective-C class for iOS that supports still frame control of specific position in your custom animation.
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SONFrameAnimation is an iOS class that supports still frame control of specific position in your custom animation.
It allows you to perform ‘animate as you pinch (or pan, scroll) effect’, and also can animate forward or backward from the specific position.
SONFrameAnimationGroup is a group of SONFrameAnimations. By using this class, you can create more complex custom animations by grouping several SONFrameAnimation objects.
Features in SONFrameAnimation such as still frame, resume, and rewind animation can also be used with the group.



SONFrameAnimation *anim1 = [[SONFrameAnimation alloc] initWithKeyPath:@"transform.scale" fromValue:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:1.0] toValue:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:2.0]];
anim1.duration = 1.0;

SONFrameAnimationGroup *animGroup = [[SONFrameAnimationGroup alloc] initWithAnimations:[NSArray arrayWithObject:anim1]];
animGroup.duration = 1.0;
animGroup.rewindDuration = 0.3;

// Still frame
[animGroup stillFrameView:testView position:0.5];

// Resume
[animGroup resumeAnimationForView:testView fromPosition:0.5];

// Rewind
[animGroup rewindAnimationForView:testView fromPosition:0.5];


timingFunction is a property that will let you set CAMediaTimingFunction object for your animation.
initialValue is a property that is needed to be set if fromValue property is not identical to the inital state of the view.

rewindDuration is a SONFrameAnimationGroup property that decides the duration when rewinding the animation from any position. Setting the property to 0.0 will adjust its duration according to the animation duration and the position. Initial Value is 0.0.


As this build is experimental, it may not always work as intended.
For SONFrameAnimationGroup class, rewind animation will not exactly trace back your animation but will restore to the initial state.