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update readme with new screenshot and remove sad message

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schacon committed Mar 18, 2011
1 parent 82d75c7 commit 58351697a87f8978e93cf769bcc85562fec15191
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@@ -11,16 +11,7 @@ through the slides you are, how much time has elapsed and notes for each
slide. It also has a drawing mode so you can draw directly onto the
presenter display, Madden style. Boom!
-![ShowOffPad Screen](
-I am close to giving up on this because view orientation is so messed up.
-If anyone knows iPad development and can figure out why the first view
-seems to load fine but the others load 90 degrees off depending on load
-order, I would greatly appreciate it.
+![ShowOffPad Screen](
@@ -29,3 +20,5 @@ Authoring
* Edit saved presentations
* Create new presentations
+* Publish API so other HTML-based presos could use it
+* Get it on the app store

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