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* Web UI
- check key/values in any of the keyspaces
= object API
* Implementation Fixes
= fetches hangup gracefully
= partial packfile cache usage
- re-packcache removes old pack caches
* Multi-node Test Environment
- multi-node project loading/updating
- benchmark clones
- quick node setup
- install java, python
- copy cassandra tarball, conf files, start running it (god?)
- list of small, public projects to seed
* Updating System
- seeding / updating population
- new github api to get all public repos, last update time / since update time
- get new/updated repos (from feed)
- clone/fetch on claiming node
- run update script
- re-packcache occasionally
- keep clone/fetch stats (total time, how many packed/loose objects)
* Large project support
- split large blobs in object space on insert
- if the client split up blobs, be able to reconstruct and pack them
- split long revtree entries
- reconstruct long revtree entries (possibly done)