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-This is the dulwich project.
+Agitmemnon Server
-It aims to give an interface to git repos that doesn't call out to git
-directly but instead uses pure Python.
+This is the Agitmemnon Server project. It provides a read only Git daemon
+that gets it's Git data from a Cassandra server loaded by the Ruby Agitmemnon
-Open up a repo by passing it the path to the .git dir. You can then ask for
-HEAD with repo.head() or a ref with repo.ref(name). Both return the SHA id
-they currently point to. You can then grab this object with
+It is a fork of the Dulwich python/git library that has added in a new data
+backend and daemon script for interacting with a Agitmemnon Cassandra
-For the actual objects the ShaFile.from_file(filename) will return the object
-stored in the file whatever it is. To ensure you get the correct type then
-call {Blob,Tree,Commit}.from_file(filename). I will add repo methods to do
-this for you with file lookup soon.
-There is also support for creating blobs. Blob.from_string(string) will create
-a blob object from the string. You can then call blob.sha() to get the sha
-object for this blob, and hexdigest() on that will get its ID. There is
-currently no method that allows you to write it out though.
+Setup is pretty simple - compile and install the modified Dulwich library,
+then run the agit-daemon server script.
+ $ cd agitmemnon-server
+ $ sudo make install
+ $ ./bin/agit-daemon
-The project is named after the part of London that Mr. and Mrs. Git live in
-in the particular Monty Python sketch. It is based on the Python-Git module
-that James Westby <> released in 2007 and now
-maintained by Jelmer Vernooij and John Carr.
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