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We want a piece of software that:
1) Is Free of religious devotion to one VCS
2) Lets us customize how we interact with it. If we want git's commands because i used it the longest, let us use them with a fucking mercurial repo.
3) We want the extension we wrote for the dartmouth review repo, which is HG, to work on my github project too. because they're both DVCS, damnit.
4) We want to be able to directly modify the commands they give us. git's remove command is `git rm`. it should be dead simple to make `git remove` map directly to that, and we mean less than 1 minute of thought/work.
5) We want to prove ruby is viable for large-scale applications, not just web frameworks. can you think of any non-trivial actual applications written in ruby?
6) We want to discover where the limits are on Ruby for use in large applications. Where is the language slow? Where is it fast? What techniques are effective? Too many people opine about proper Ruby code, then provide 10 lines of code to illustrate their point. We wrote 15,000 and hope to write many more: what can we learn from that?
7) We want to be an example of proper documentation.