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splitting to a remote server would cause "already busy" errors.

	client.ClientError: already busy with command 'receive-objects'

That's because recent changes removed the call to onclose() from
PackWriter_Remote.  Now it's back, plus I added an extra unit test to reveal
the problem.
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1 parent b21314b commit 0f296c0eb7e9130a73f4b4c8c66fe7cd86cd4c1d @apenwarr apenwarr committed Jan 6, 2010
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@@ -199,6 +199,8 @@ def _end(self):
id = self.file.readline().strip()
self.objcache = None
+ if self.onclose:
+ self.onclose()
return id
def close(self):
@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ bup split -vvvv -b testfile2 >tags2.tmp
bup split -t testfile2 >tags2t.tmp
bup split -t testfile2 --fanout 3 >tags2tf.tmp
bup split -r "$BUP_DIR" -c testfile2 >tags2c.tmp
+ls -lR | bup split -r "$BUP_DIR" -c --fanout 3 --max-pack-objects 3 -n lslr
diff -u tags1.tmp tags2.tmp || true
if diff -q tags2t.tmp tags2tf.tmp; then
echo "fanout tree same as non-fanout tree!?"

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