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Change t/ to pass on Mac OS.

It turns out /etc is a symlink (to /private/etc) on Mac OS, so checking
that the realpath of t/sampledata/etc is /etc fails.  Instead we now check
against the realpath of /etc.
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1 parent 0ef50f1 commit c0fe4a295c57efd9ffabbe26cdae4403919d849a @dcoombs dcoombs committed Jan 14, 2010
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2 t/
@@ -9,5 +9,5 @@ def testbasic():
sd = os.path.realpath('t/sampledata')
WVPASSEQ(index.realpath('t/sampledata'), cd + '/t/sampledata')
WVPASSEQ(os.path.realpath('t/sampledata/x'), sd + '/x')
- WVPASSEQ(os.path.realpath('t/sampledata/etc'), '/etc')
+ WVPASSEQ(os.path.realpath('t/sampledata/etc'), os.path.realpath('/etc'))
WVPASSEQ(index.realpath('t/sampledata/etc'), sd + '/etc')

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