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heck, let's explain a bit of what we did anyway. So that folks'll kno…

…w just by looking
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commit b3382e7beab6f04d77366630be20a2c4cc55842e 1 parent 7de50dc
@jf jf authored
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4 History.txt
@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@
* support seasons (by Edwin Chen)
* support weekend/weekday (by Edwin Chen)
* add endianness option (by Mark Johnson/Thomas Lee)
+* updated version number in the module (Jeffrey 'jf' Lim)
+* fixed/improved logic checks in Ordinal, and Scalar (Jeffrey 'jf' Lim)
= 0.2.3
@@ -61,4 +63,4 @@
= 0.1.0
-* initial release
+* initial release
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